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Jul 14, 2013

This guide is a brief walkthrough on a how to install and use the theme that using Plusky's installer (actually I dunno what should be call for this installer, so I use the author name who create this installer instead). This installer basically allow theme maker to pack all the theme stuff and allow user like us easily to install and use the theme easily, something like the team Zero's installer (most of the theme that I previously repost), but a lot convenient. I only tested 2 theme that using this installer, so there might be more problem (I hope not), so good luck on using this ;). The below guide I was using Date A Live theme as example.

Guide & Step
  1. Make sure your Windows 7 is home premium and above.
  2. Make sure you have 7zip install in you computer, a software to extract compressed file, the installer need it.
  3. Best if you have chinese patch install in your Windows 7, just some of the theme that using chinese word as password will not able to proceed, I will mention in the post if it needed or not.
  4. Backup these files ("themeservice.dll", "themeui.dll", "uxtheme.dll", "ExplorerFrame.dll") which inside the "C:\Windows\System32\" folder, but if you are x64 system you will see there is same file under this folder path "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\", so far I only know it is using "System32" folder, so I'm not sure this folder will be using or not, but well just backup all of these files, the file pretty small anyway ;).
    This is for if anything goes wrong, you can restore back manually. How to restore? Refer below.
  5. Make sure you are not using any 3rd party theme before apply these theme, especially those with "Shellchange" apply by the "Guider" in the other guide. What I mean is restore the "Shellchange" before apply this theme, I'm not sure what will happen.
  6. Lastly, use the theme at your own risk.
The installer UI sometime will be in English or Chinese, depend on the theme maker what they set I think. So hopefully won't get confuse.
  1. Download the package, extract it anywhere you like, inside the package usually you will see a file end with ".exe", for example "DateAlive.exe".
  2. Execute the installer, or Right-click the installer and select 'Run as Administrator'.
  3. A window prompt up and it will start extracting (if you did not install 7zip, you are unable to proceed!). Or you can unzip it manually and press the "setup.exe".
  4. After finish unzip you will see something like this prompt up, example below, sometime in English, sometime in Chinese. When you see a text-field in the middle, usually ask you to enter password, so just enter password and continue. Some theme will start with just a "OK" button before you reach the password input menu.
  5. Next, just continue by pressing the "Enter Setup" button.
  6. Next, will be system check menu, it will show your System Version, System Theme Patch and System Explorer Frame Patch, this is to make sure you have install Universal Theme Patch and Explorer Patch.
    - If you haven't do any patch, it will show something like below which show in Red color text and Yellow text, both "System Theme File Patch" & "System Explorer Frame File Patch" will be clickable if you haven't do any patch.
    - If you already patched, it will show in green color, make sure you have all Green only proceed! Theme patcher will be mention more at another section below.
  7. Then press next until you reach components menu, which allow you to select which component to install, this menu option will always different from theme to theme, depend on the theme maker what they include, but "Windows 7 Theme" option will be always there. Press "Start Install" to do the installation.
  8. After finish install, you will reach the complete/finish menu, to either select or de-select the "Apply Theme", then just press "Complete" to finish the installation :D.
  9. Lastly, remember to restart when you apply any of these theme, cause some of the thing require restart to take effect like, windows task bar background and etc.
Theme & Explorer Frame Patch
This section is give you more detail on the theme file and explorer frame file patch which mention in "Installation" step 6 above. And these step only require to do once.

System Theme Patch
  1. First, press/click on the "System Theme File Patch" area, if you haven't patch, the whole area is clickable.
  2. Next, a window prompt you to ask want to patch the theme file or not, proceed with YES, basically this is the only option, else you won't be able to use 3rd party theme. It might require to wait a bit until next window prompt, so just wait.
  3. After a short while, it will prompt finish patch, and require you to restart to take effect. If everything is ok, mean it is success, but sometime do have special case, if special case go to step 4 below, else if everything ok go to step 5.
  4. Some time after patch, it will tell you some file missing, and you will see the "themeui.dll" is not patched, this is not big deal, after you restart your computer it will all green. So far this is what I encounter, but other than this, I'm not sure. So just proceed if everything ok.
  5. If you haven't patch System Explorer Frame file, please proceed the patch (next section is the detail of this patch), so you don't have to restart 2 times. If already then just continue the installation.
System Explorer Frame Patch
  1. First, press/click on the "System Explorer Frame File Patch" area, if you haven't patch, the whole area is clickable.
  2. Next, a window prompt you to ask want to patch the file or not, proceed with YES, basically this is the only option, else you won't be able to use folder background and change start menu icon (to be confirm). It might require to wait a bit until next window prompt, so just wait.
  3. Next it will tell you the patch is done, and require to reboot for this it to take effect, so be sure to restart it, usually this step won't have any problem.
  4. When see all green, proceed back to the installation.
Restore Theme and ExplorerFrame File
  1. For these 3 files ("themeservice.dll", "themeui.dll", "uxtheme.dll"), you can easily use Universal Theme Patcher to restore, but only work if you using the Universal Theme Patcher, this installer is using it so should be work fine. To do the restoration, can refer to another guide for that. Only work if you are using correct version of theme patcher. x86 will be using x86 theme patcher for x64 will using x64 theme patcher, when you run the theme patcher, it will show "restore" button if the file is patched.
  2. For "ExplorerFrame.dll", this a bit tricky, just go search in Gooogle or Youtube for tutorial, this is where the backup "ExplorerFrame.dll" come into use.
  3. For a all round solution, can refer to below "Enma Ryuzawa" comment.
Note: All of this step is base on my personal experience, might or might not work in different system setup, so please use it at your own risks. Recommend you have a backup for your system incase anything happen also can do a restore.

3 comment(s):

Enma Ryuzawa 15 July, 2013 14:47  

well, you can add this way if something goes wrong
1. Go into Safe Mode with Command Prompt (this mode is the one that works, while Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, and Normal Boot just shows a blank screen)
2. then, it will continue to safe mode. after that, please log-in with Administrator account
3. the windows will open a blank black screen (like in other mode) then launches a Command Prompt/cmd
4. click on the Command Prompt, then type this
"sfc.exe /scannow" without quotes, and with the space
5. let it scan your system... then after awhile a message appeared that some file that cannot be repaired. this is normal. after that type "Shutdown /r" without quotes, and with the space
6. your computer will restart, and continue in a normal boot. log-in, then you'll get Windows 98-like Taskbar. if you want to change it just click Personalization, and click any theme you like.
-If you used my way, be sure to uninstall the theme and reinstall it. because the command prompt may damage the theme files during recovery. also if you want to change back to the original windows 7 theme, change the taskbar to Windows Aero, and the pointer icon to Windows Aero. if you didn't change the pointer, the Taskbar bugs. it's an annoying bug, but it doesn't interfere with any program at all. no crashes-

Not Fair 16 July, 2013 12:18  

is the method you mention scan all the Windows system files or specific file?

Ziex Geass 26 July, 2013 15:40  

wow, thanks for the tutorial..really save my time searching!

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