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Jul 14, 2013

I hope it not too late to share this theme since the anime is already end last month, hope some of you like this theme. I love this anime a lot, that why when I saw this theme on forum, I decided to repost it, but it use different installer that what I usually repost, so have to separately write another guide for this, very straight forward installer. For this time, I will repost 2 theme from this series, each from different author.

Yoshino is so cute O(≧∇≦)O!!!! The above one is focus only on Yoshino. The theme was create by Ayaka Yume. This theme not include start menu icon, and "personalize" side bar image.

This is another theme, by right is Date A Live all heroine theme, but you will see Touka and Kurumi more, anyway, another great theme. The theme create by 言葉菌 (Kotoba kin)? This theme same as above, no start menu icon and "personalize" side bar image.

As I mention early, these Windows 7 theme is use different installer so mean it have different way to use the theme, please proceed to this guide for these theme.

I also found some XP theme from Hisora, basically this XP theme include 5 different theme (5 different installer), it separated into Date A Live and 4 character focus theme (Kurumi, Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino).

All this XP theme no folder background (some might have), and the color usage a bit overkill. This 5 theme need not any password, just install will do. If you are first time using XP theme, please remember to use the patch, refer to this guide for "UXTheme Multi Patcher 6.0" section.

Theme Resources
ComicDD Forum

How to use the Theme?
Win 7 Guide [Plusky]
Win XP Guide

Yoshino - Ayaka Yume
Password: DATE A LIVE-Yoshino by Ayaka Yume(20130608)
Win 7 : MediaFire | FileFactory

Password: 言葉君
Win 7 : MediaFire | FileFactory

Win XPMediaFire | FileFactory

All the theme are use at your own risk*

8 comment(s):

listtrick 16 July, 2013 11:01  

is this for 64bit too....

Not Fair 16 July, 2013 11:30  

Both x86 and x64. Please let me know if x64 not working

Brandon Lee 19 July, 2013 16:34  

Umm mine says it cant find the Themeui.dll even though i can even see it :/ also the Windows 7 Home Premium 64 is red i dont know what to doooooo Halppp

Brandon Lee 19 July, 2013 16:47  

I got it Nevermind thanks for the theme!!

7902be28-f4ec-11e2-835b-000bcdcb8a73 25 July, 2013 13:39  

Is there a way to fix the search bar in the start menu?

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