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Jun 16, 2013

Alright guy, it's been a while, and this time is the longest missing period since the last time. And here I back again to repost some theme. Before that, I do search some other theme, but hard to find nice theme actually, and the place I always visit, seldom got any new theme, sad :(. At the same time, I also searching for Windows 8 theme but found nothing yet. And recently found out something, my design and color matching is s**, why I said this? because I trying to create theme but well hard to find image, match color and etc, still learning, so it won't release any time soon and won't response to request theme, it is damn hard and take time to create a theme, I respect those theme maker seriously.

This theme is from the anime series of Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, in short Oreshura, theme is create by WeiDao, I know it is quite late, but well... Actually today by right will be repost 2 theme, another one is Hentai Ouji, but that theme seem got problem so delay, and my ISP routing is bad, visiting china site is slower than turtle, so need to back to my office to do download.

This is more preview of the theme. Side note, just to add in the folder background image support already need extra work, this is what I found out recently, patch here and there.

Windows XP theme design, by the way, from what I saw in forum, there is less and less Windows XP theme available, so in the near future, you might see only Windows 7 theme, XP will be left out.

Folder background preview for XP theme. That all for this post, thank you for reading. Get your theme below. Btw, all the old theme that is expired mean expired, I don't have backup anymore so won't be reupload it, so guy grab the theme fast and remember to backup it.

Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP

xlc by weidao

Win 7 : MediaFire | FileFactory
Win XP : MediaFire | FileFactory

All the theme are use at your own risk*

3 comment(s):

Hinata-chan 16 June, 2013 21:38  

I want sket dance theme~~ or if you can't and don't wanna make it, tell me how to make skins, xp or 7. thanx :)

Not Fair 17 June, 2013 12:23  

@Hinata-chan, the theme that I usually "repost" is create from the Windows7 Style Builders for win7 theme, but it is kind of hard to find, still can find via some torrent tracker list, but not the latest version i think. If you can read chinese I can give you the link, there got most of the information on theme tutorial too.

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