Happy Lunar New Year

Feb 7, 2013

Although the exact day is this coming Sunday (10 Feb), but still I wish everyone a early Happy Chinese/Lunar New year, wish everyone have a good year ahead :D.

This time I had hibernate for quite long, busy is one thing, but the usual source (the one you usually download from here) has less and less theme to be found, only left those require you to use the other theme switcher, the usual theme that I share is already include with this function ("Guider").

So I'm thinking share those theme from other source but require more work for you to use the theme, so mean I need to write another guide for that, but will only do it when I got the time, and no promise.

For "close" button which you can't find, yes you are being troll! Just kidding, the solution already mention many time by other reader and I also mention it in the "How to use Theme" (Win 7 || Win XP).

And to those who say the theme not working, is either you did not follow the step properly or somewhere go wrong. I only share those theme that are working, which mean I already tested, but for windows 7 theme, i only tested under x64 Ultimate SP1, but theoretically x32 also no problem, and can be used from Home Premium (I think so) and above.

For how to restore back if something happen, sorry I dun know the way to restore it, my only solution is restore your OS, so that why I mention somewhere before, use it at your own risk.

If you happen to read until here, thank you for reading. I have something to share, but not the usual XP or 7 theme.

I'm not sure I have share this before or not, well hopefully not, and don't ask me where I found cause I also dunno where and how I found it. It is a pack of 49 short voice in mp3 format, something related to "mail or message receive" in moe, cute Japanese  voice. So may be useful to you, you can use on your phone message alert, mail alert, or on your computer.

Voice Pack

*all the image above is found and search in the Google Image

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Jan Joseph 10 February, 2013 19:55  

Happy Chinese New Year to you also ^_^

Matniky 12 February, 2013 08:38  
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krebs krabs 18 February, 2013 21:35  

Happy Holidays :D

This ... is ... awesome :P

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