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Dec 22, 2012

Alright, after all kind of false info and rumors, we survive after-all, the world did not end yesterday. I wonder how many of you who believe in world end? At least I not believe, you know why? Because if world end, I can't watch the unfinished anime or manga! Ok, back to topic, this theme was come from Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo anime, which is one of the current on going anime series, and it is my favourite too, and Mashiro (ღ˘⌣˘ღ).

I love this 7 theme a lot, because Mashiro is everywhere O(≧∇≦)O, but don't like the start button. As usual the theme create by WeiDao. Btw, you need a extra step to use this theme after installation, the author forget to include the "Guider.exe" file. Refer to below for more details.

This is how XP theme overall look like, every time when comparing XP and 7 theme, and XP start button is a lot better.

XP theme folder background, lovely.

Extra Step for this Windows 7 Theme:
Please note, installation will same as always, this step is only meant for after the installation complete and only apply for Windows 7 theme. Since I mention author forget to include the "Guider.exe" file, what you have to do is just copy the "Guider.exe" file from other theme you installed and paste into this ShellChange folder of the theme you install, or just use the one that I include in the package.
  1. Copy the "Guider.exe" file that come together with the theme you downloaded. 
  2. Locate the theme install folder, take my install folder as example, "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\yhzdcwnh by weidao\ShellChange".
  3. Paste the "Guider.exe" file into this folder.
  4. Run the file like how you run on other theme.
  5. Continue back the track on how you use the theme...
Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP

yhzdcwnh by weidao

Win 7 : MediaFire < require extra work for this theme, refer above.
Win XP : MediaFire

14 comment(s):

lolzorgz 22 December, 2012 23:58  

Thanks a bunch friend :D I love this show so much <3

Jan Joseph 23 December, 2012 20:56  

Thanks for the upload ^_^

acecard18 26 December, 2012 02:53  

can i request...
theme for tonari no kaibutsu-kun please.

Reiko Natsume 26 December, 2012 11:27  

I love it. Thank you.

Request: Tsukihime.
Onegai shimasu...

germanni_5566 02 January, 2013 19:07  

xp not working it doesn't install.. It says press the close button but there's no button.
Please recheck the installer

brian truong 04 January, 2013 06:52  

there's no nanami in the windows 7 theme T_T. It bothers me that the little sister is mainly all of "my computer"

Jacks Lazaro 08 January, 2013 11:30  

Ty for all the awesome theme..

Request: Senran Kagura

not really sure if you'll only do it when the anime is done.. im still fine with it.. just want to see more Ikaruga in the theme.. sorry for asking too much :P

seira00100 16 January, 2013 01:50  

thanks for this great theme for W7 (^.^)

Aji - The Author 29 January, 2013 17:33  

Seeing this makes wanna go back to windows 7, ah if only there sakurasou theme for windows 8. Still, Love the theme !

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