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Sep 9, 2012

Hello everyone, I know I am missing for more than a month, being busy with work then become lazy to do a lot of thing (need to change on this and need self motivate (⌒_⌒;)), the worst thing of recently is, the important HDD has dead, a lot of valuable data is gone (愒o愒). Anyway, back to topic, I think many folks are searching for Sword Art Online theme (maybe you already found), no doubt SAO is one of the popular series for this season (I love it a lot), and the animation quality is quite good, and the story setting is very interesting.

Actually this theme was released more than a month ago by WeiDao, has been sit in the dead HDD for quite a while. To download this theme seriously was pain in the ass (to access China file hosting is quite headache, always disconnect). Above is the Win 7 theme preview, quite a nice theme, just the start button abit weird.

This is the XP theme look, not bad either.

Overall is a nicely done theme. And also, recently got some theme has been remove from the file hosting due to copyright on those image that use in the theme, so please get the theme early in case.

Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP

djsy by weidao

Win 7 : MediaFire | File Factory
Win XP : MediaFire | File Factory

30 comment(s):

xdrakensx 09 September, 2012 17:58  

Welcome Back, RIP importand HDD

Kuro Neko 09 September, 2012 17:58  

SAO sugoii!!!!!!!! thnx always for ur cool themes :)

Ramoncito Gabutin 09 September, 2012 20:32  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adnank 10 September, 2012 00:07  

thanks, thanks, thanks, I waiting this awesome themes ^_^

gui000 10 September, 2012 05:52  

what is the password of this theme, because that isn't working?

XxxLi4nGxxX 10 September, 2012 06:38  

why when it finish attract then the close button no appear?

Kazuto Kirigaya 10 September, 2012 13:08  

I'm waiting for this in a long time

Kirito 10 September, 2012 20:14  

May I request for Gundam Seed & Seed Destiny theme..?

yhuat 10 September, 2012 22:34  


press alt + f4.. then it will close..

Jan Joseph 11 September, 2012 07:39  

Oh yeah! It's been a while you have posted a theme in your site XD

Thanks for the upload! XD

Unknown 12 September, 2012 00:12  

no need to wait LOL
just press alt + F4

DenizCheater 12 September, 2012 21:52  


Kiki Ryuzaki 15 September, 2012 08:20  

damn can someone tell me what is the password?

Blacktroll 18 September, 2012 05:42  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hinata-chan 18 September, 2012 19:57  

PLEASSEEE~~~~~~ I want Sket Dance themeee~~~ onegaiii ><

MenmaChan 21 September, 2012 12:29  

wow thang you very much!! arigatooww onichan

johnrey retero 21 September, 2012 17:10  

tahnk you so much for the theme this is so cool..! >.<

f_adly 23 September, 2012 16:29  

why the theme is different to the one in the picture??? when the theme is already installed it looks like windows xp theme is very different from the one in the picture

redfighter 01 October, 2012 15:47  

just type. dont copy..
you will get some space when copy..

Jaco Kotze 03 October, 2012 04:10  


Firstly :

You are GOD!


Thanks for this! It is fast done and Im syched to see what more you do!

--thumbs up for readers of SAO on bakatsuki :)

Elroy Jerius 31 October, 2012 19:36  

Hey Guys, The Password for
SAO Window 7 is: djsy by weidao

It works! and i'm loving the themes,, thank you :)

JayDen 19 November, 2012 19:15  

for all those with the XP pass word just type it in with spaces as is dont copy and paste

Jaden Yuki 21 December, 2012 13:22  

erm it says click the close button. may i ask where isit?

Angelique van der Kroon 10 January, 2013 01:25  

When reaching the actual installation of the theme & components, a window shows up, saying you have to pay 100 DIY points.
(I think it said that. The entire setup is Chinese and I'm not, so I tried. ^_^")
And the most annoying part is that it won't close.

I think there's supposed to be a close button, but that it's broken.

All the way down the '100 DIY points' story there's a countdown. It's one of the few English textes and it tells you to close the window when it's done counting. Underneath this text is (along with some more Chinese characters I didn't understand) the word 'Close'. It's no button nor link, so it's pretty useless.
(I had to use the task manager to shut the entire process down.)

The only way to get the theme would be to join the site, collect points and buy it from there. And as much as I desire this theme, and as much as i'd like to join the site, I really can't speak Chinese... OTL

Isn't there a setup without this window appearing?

Lyoscha Ivanov 10 January, 2013 07:36  

For me, everything works except the images in the window, the normal eyesight from white, can help me?

Enma Ryuzawa 20 June, 2013 14:20  

Okay, i installed everything. it went smoothly for about a week. and then, it starts laggy for some reasons. i haven't installed any applications this month. and when i try to "uninstall Shell", it reboots and then shows just a black screen. Help me please!

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