Hyouka for 7 & XP

Jun 17, 2012

As you may guess, this theme was come from the anime Hyouka, which is one of the anime that showing in this season. Originally, I thought this is a normal daily high school life genre anime, but turn out to be more than that, and this is also my favourite anime of the season, and Chitanda was my type too (o⌒.⌒o).

This theme was created by Natsukyo, since this anime was quite new during the time of the theme birth, there is limited of image source can be use, but the theme still quite nice, but I prefer more simply start menu style.

This is how it look like in some of the 7's folder background, quite simple, and very white.

The XP theme was quite nice too, again, the start menu has some style in it.

The folder background for XP is abit different with the 7, instead of 4 people, now by a pair only. Of course I prefer only Chitanda for the whole theme, but for now image source are ultra limited.

Before finish, another picture for the cuteness ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ, this is killing me...

Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP


Win 7 : MediaFire | File Factory
Win XP : MediaFire | File Factory

20 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 18 June, 2012 09:59  

Yeah! I'm really waiting for this to come! XD Thanks, and more power!!

Chitanda is reaaaaally cute! :D

danielwashere 19 June, 2012 22:54  

I have a question.. it's been so long since I visited acgdiy forums. I can't login the forums because of the verification code.
It doesn't show any captcha, just some yucmedia ads.
Are you able to login normally??

Not Fair 20 June, 2012 17:16  

ya, i can login, the code actually is inside the yumedia ads... for current 1, u type in those highlight word, example it highlight "3D" words, u type in the 3D ... u can next / prev the ads, i think this is just recent change...

Mikazuki 24 June, 2012 13:28  

I want to ask about my desktop. After I installed SankareaNatsukyo in my desktop, my Start menu became like this


any suggestion how to fix it? is it because my monitor was 1920x1080p? or i have too much shortcut in my Start menu? thanks for answering me :)

Mikazuki 26 June, 2012 08:12  

nvm. problem fix when i decide to remove some of the list programs in Start menu.

maybe u should consider make an improvement for such a special case, for ex maximum list programs in start menu ;)

zeronos 07 July, 2012 23:14  

are you guys gonna make a upotte theme for windows xp? i hope so

jeopiece scorp 21 July, 2012 09:51  

im using windows 7 and the background on windows explorer not appear :(
can someone help me?

Evz 22 July, 2012 14:16  

Need the new Sword art theme by weidao!

GMSieghart 23 July, 2012 01:28  

Hello ! i wondering if you can make a bleach theme for Windows 7 ! all i see is theme for Windows XP! i wish you do it too in Windows 7! :D! thanks in advance !

Luis Trabado Jr. 25 July, 2012 18:56  

Can I request a Sword Art Online Theme

Hinata-chan 15 August, 2012 22:39  

SKET DANCE pleaseeeee~~~ T^T

Hinata-chan 16 August, 2012 22:00  

Sket dance pleaseeee ><

abeer theep 28 August, 2012 23:50  

I Downloaded this theme and It works just fine on my computer :) thank you very much for choosing this anime ^^ and i want to ask you a favor ,, can you please consider "kuroko no basket" to be your next choice ?? pretty please~~

Rayaldi 30 August, 2012 15:04  

Thanks for share, but I saw on your Screenshot (W7) that you have a different Windows Orb, can you share that one too?

Brendan Anthony 03 September, 2012 10:25  

The password doesnt work? T.T

Brendan Anthony 03 September, 2012 10:36  

That shows up when upon the opening of the installation file.
After that, the password does not seem to work.

Carmela Kaulitz 08 July, 2013 21:11  

where is the password located

Carmela Kaulitz 08 July, 2013 22:36  

Are there any for Windows 8 , I wished i've never changed this 8 :(

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