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May 5, 2012

Another theme base on the current season anime name Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, not sure you all got pick this up or not but quite fun to watch. I specifically love the one side yuri love moment from Cthugha/Kuuko xD.

I found a bug from the theme as well, the start logo, when apply the theme the start logo of the theme will somewhat go in wrong position. Anyway, the theme was created by WeiDao.

The XP theme did not use any red color for the skin, which in my opinion will totally overkill if it is red, black one look cool and nice :D.

Enjoy the theme.

Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP

qxbnyz by weidao

Win 7: MediaFire | File Factory
Win XPMediaFire | File Factory

20 comment(s):

oCrazYGamEo 06 May, 2012 03:43  

thank for Nyaruko-san

Jan Joseph 07 May, 2012 20:14  

So yuri-desu :D

It's a bit erotic, but, I like it :D

Thanks for the wonderful upload...

Pulse Speed 11 May, 2012 23:46  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joseph Avegail 23 May, 2012 08:47  

The password is not working. Need help. Thanks

google blogger 01 June, 2012 00:46  

the password doesn't work.correct password please!

michael blog 18 June, 2012 23:25  

where can you find the close button when it says "please press the close button"???


Not Fair 20 June, 2012 17:24  

when u can't find the close button, just press Enter or ALT+F4 when the install window is active

Mary Elizabeth winstead 06 July, 2012 02:57  

need help, the passwird doesn't work

Gill Grissom 08 July, 2012 04:36  

Password. It's didn't work. I am crying. Nyaruko...........

ZTSGearMaster 16 July, 2012 16:57  

Installer is stopped when countdown to 16 seconds.
How to fix it ?

Matthew Roxas 25 July, 2012 20:31  

What's the correct password? Nice work, by the way.

amat jceb 17 August, 2012 13:49  

what pas for the instalation.?

nanashi gigai 18 August, 2012 08:48  

Whats the correct password?

yukie ryuji 06 February, 2013 20:31  

thanks this work.......

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