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May 13, 2012

Here arrive another theme which base on a moe, cute, hot zombie anime name Sankarea, seriously where can find such a hot and cute zombie (≧ω≦). Btw, this remind me like few of the long black hair girls appear in this season also cute and hot, for example like Kuroyukihime(Accel World), Kanoe Yuuko (Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and Sanka Rea.

There will be 2 theme for windows 7 & xp theme, one is from Natsukyo (first row) another is from Weidao (2nd row). Each of the theme has it own beauty side. While for the Weidao version, there will be a small patch need you guy do manually, I will write it below.

XP theme of Natsukyo version has extra stuff as well, the author has include 2 version of right-click menu background, it is just install or uninstall stuff so pretty much easy, sometime it require to restart your pc to take effect. It seem like I not manage to use the right-click menu, after install seem like no effect...

Special Note (Win7 Weidao Version): 
After you download and unzip the Win7 weidao version, you will find a zip file name "Sankarea Win7 (weidao) patch". Unzip it and inside got 2 files. This 2 files you need to copy and paste (overwrite) into your Sankarea theme installed folder (most likely inside the "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes"), please do this right after you finish install the theme, and before activate the theme & before the guider step.

Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP

Natsukyo ver.: sankareanatsukyo
Weidao ver.: shlm by weidao

Win 7
Natsukyo : MediaFire | File Factory
Weidao : MediaFire | File Factory

Win XP

Natsukyo : MediaFire | File Factory
Weidao : MediaFire | File Factory

13 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 14 May, 2012 07:27  

Sankarea! Zombie GF's GTW! If that's you're thing wahahahah :D

Thanks for this awesome theme! :D

Evz 19 May, 2012 08:43  

Don't forget the girl from Hyouka, that show is awesomeeee

Not Fair 20 May, 2012 01:00  

arr, how can I forget Eru Chitanda, totally agree!

edge 23 May, 2012 02:29  

weidao's version have a problem, it says "please press the close button" for it to install, but there's no close buton

Rio_Shinn 23 May, 2012 16:25  

Press Alt + F4 to close it

Evz 24 May, 2012 08:25  

I wonder what these guys use to pack their theme into an installer >_> I need one but dot theme creator is super buggy

athol hastings 27 May, 2012 04:28  

the anime is call Another. can u do a theme for this anime pls and thx.

Unknown 02 June, 2012 16:51  

I wanna request a theme, is it allowed here??
btw I wanna request seitokai no ichizon theme, I like this blog for providing lots of anime theme especially for xp which is quite rare nowadays

Jose Andres 03 June, 2012 18:55  

hmm all my install for win7 themes are stuck at 16 sec for some reason

DevilSoul 19 June, 2012 20:14  

win xp มาและง๊าบบบ

Not Fair 20 June, 2012 17:21  


try to wait a bit longer, I do have this problem from time to time when it stuck

Hinata-chan 16 August, 2012 21:38  

request pleaseee~~~ I want Sket Dance theme & tari Tari~~~
Onegaishimasuuu~~~ ><

micheal john 24 August, 2012 06:20  

how to get the serial number

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