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Apr 11, 2012

It's been awhile for the last post, long time no see. Well, as alway recently been busy working, although this week will be a bit free but then will dive back into busy mode very soon T.T, because of this, it also slow down my enjoyment for anime and result delaying the time to watch the ended anime, this few days manage to finish some of the anime that should finish watching last month. Since so long not really write anything on here, so decided to write some of my thought on the anime that ended in March, don't expect so much on this post.

Shakugan no Shana III Final
Story wise nothing much can said, the original novel already well written by Yashichiro Takahashi sensei. All left is how well the adaptation. Although the whole season feel kind of rush but to me it is just nice, the pace also feel very fast, exciting, compare to season 2, this is a lot more better --> awesome.

And more importantly, the long waiting scene finally appear, what is that? obviously is the KISS, after 70+ episodes with 7 years (not to forget  finally they able to be together). Action wise also not that bad, music wise also good especially opening, insert, ending song. Usually many series always end up with something missing in the end, yet I don't feel this in Shana F and it is just beautiful and satisfy. Great job JC Staff, and great job to the author.

This anime quite meaning full to me, the first anime make me buy the novel to read, and make me crazy enough to find melon-bun and can't forget about the 'Urusai' X 3.Sad to see it ended but hey there is no series that won't be end, and more over the final season was actually good so I'm satisfy. :D

Senki Zesshō Symphogear
Next up is Senki Zesshō Symphogear, sing to transform genre anime, not a bad anime though. The style of this anime actually is quite unique in some sense like showing those flashy and cool skill etc. Btw, the final form costume was quite nice.

Originally I pick up this anime is because of Nana-sama, but feel wanna to drop it after the few episode, and end up I manage to finish the anime. I dunno what make me continue it, maybe the unique style? the girls? quite mystery huh.

Rinne no Lagrange
Overall this kawaii girls piloting mecha anime series was not that bad, the animation was quite nice. The downside of the anime is some episode will feel ok, some feel very flat, up & down, and sometime feel very hard to link the flow. Although the story not attractive enough, but love the final episode farewell scene, was nicely done, quite emotional :(. The whole series was a question to me since this is just the first arc, not really telling much, but throwing out new question/problem at the end of the story. Anyway, will prepare for the 2nd season since I already step into this hole.

The only thing I can said is everything in the anime was good (in my point of view), only the story which is kind of weak/unfinished.

Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing-
I love Last Exile, and that why when -Fam, The Silver Wing- announce I very happy and watch-list right away. But is kind of disappointed along the way, the storyline was bad. Many thing didn't really explain well, many thing was not understand, and alway feel something missing. Like the Luscinia's plan, I think he want to direct all the hatred onto him so that later the world can be unite again (sound very familiar), but can't feel the impact at all.

The last episode last moment was well done though, many old face with Dio steal the light xD, not to mention the insert song was really nice, love it.

The OST of the series was awesome :D, effect and the actions still pretty much awesome, although the story was not that good comparing to the original or as individual, still better than some other series in the last season xD.

Finally ended, but still got a Last Exile - Hourglass manga series on going, in case you don't know, this is a story take place in the ending of the original and Fam series.

Ano Natsu de Matteru

Ano Natsu de Matteru definitely was my favourite anime in the last season. First thing come to my mind was Onegai Sensei! because of the alien visiting earth plot, this proof in the last episode too, the lake and also the Mizuho sensei voice, feel nostalgic. Well, the whole series was quite fun to watch, and those 'day dreaming' or dreaming part make me lol very hard.

Last episode was definitely make my day, van transformation, MIB come out no way, and Remon senpai is so badass, on top of that, a agent from MIB Japan Branch? lol! Of course, last episode do make me sad a bit when Ichika force to going to her home planet, but glad at the end Ichika and Kaito manage to be together.

Overall the anime was well done, although it don't have action base like other anime (it do have some, and a quite badass one...), but this anime was fun to watch. I enjoy this anime a lot :D.

Beside the finished anime (very few...), there is some other unfinished anime though, like Guity Crown, Zero no Tsuikama, stop it half way due to the motivation toward the anime, will continue it back some other time. Meanwhile some other anime like Another was thinking to watch because being recommended by few of my friend, and I read the review also quite good, only thing that stop me is because the genre. While wanna to watch some other anime from the last season, here come lots of new season (Spring 2012) anime, time to do some filtering, slowly.

Thank you for reading the boring posts, ありがとうございました.

5 comment(s):

StarGenesis 12 April, 2012 23:14  

I love it.
Ano Natsu de Matteru was my favorite anime too

Not Fair 13 April, 2012 00:39  

ya, can't get enough of it xD

Ryoushi 19 April, 2012 18:45  

Me too I Love Ano Natsu de Matteru ,
want some more of it but that's all :(

Einixmax 20 April, 2012 19:41  

Look too much like Please! Teacher to me
Faker >_-\-_<

Not Fair 29 April, 2012 21:57  

well, if u look at another direction, it got it own good, although the base is the same, but the everyday life is different :D

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