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Apr 28, 2012

This theme was base on one of the current season anime's, Accel World. Although the main male protagonist kind of ...but the anime genre was quite interesting (time to pick up the novel too), and of course most importantly is because of Kuroyukihime O(≧∇≦)O.

This beautiful theme was bought to you by WeiDao, as alway you may go to the author blog for more other theme.

As you notice, the theme was using black color, which is very cool and match the series perfectly, especially in the XP theme, the task bar was very smooth look nice.

Folder background image is the same in both XP & 7, but the folder location is different. That all for the theme, as alway if you do not know how to use it please refer to below link for more info.

Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP

jssj by weidao

Win 7: MediaFire | File Factory | Uploaded
Win XPMediaFire | File Factory | Uploaded

39 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 28 April, 2012 22:05  

I love the anime, because the protagonist is somewhat "unique" ;D

I love the theme, thanks for the upload :D

Evz 29 April, 2012 01:07  

Kuroyukihime <3333

Boosted Gear 29 April, 2012 04:06  

the password didnt work

Boosted Gear 29 April, 2012 04:15  

actually it worked, but copy paste from this page that didnt work
thax for a hell of great theme

Not Fair 29 April, 2012 21:50  

glad u all love it :D

Kyouharu21 30 April, 2012 15:27  

is it just me? or I can't find close button after the installer extracted the data?
anyone know how to fix it?

Jan Joseph 30 April, 2012 19:44  

After the countdown, press Spacebar or Enter... If it does not work, press Alt + F4

Evz 03 May, 2012 06:23  

Are you going to upload the lastest theme wei dao!

Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san

<333 that show

ayzen sama 06 May, 2012 16:39  

not work

Seyren WindStorm 07 May, 2012 09:58  

can i requested one theme of Acchi Kocchi?

i love this anime...

nikkusan 07 May, 2012 15:26  

why does the program freeze at 16 seconds?

Xanxus 12 May, 2012 10:31  

what is the password

Xanxus 12 May, 2012 10:39  

cannot lah password kuroyukihime <3333

Yuko Chaoshima 12 May, 2012 23:25  

after option to select the language, in my screen show text "you must be logged in as an administrator when installing this program"

XxBlack.SnowXx 16 May, 2012 20:24  

i would like to request a theme
Soul Eater Or Ouran High School Host Club
it was hard to find a blog simple and easy to deal with now comparing every site to this blog is ''EPIC FAIL'' when u do it please
send me a msg at
i must share this to FB ... ^_^

AK 17 May, 2012 02:36  

Please help!I can not put an icon or other image windose through ShellChange.It is written that "access denied" even went through the administrator.

Darren koh (Raver) 19 May, 2012 00:55  

Sola1412, Please check the passwords for your installation files,
Secondly, Please check your past entries on Window Themes if the Links are still up to date, theres no point if all links are dead, i suggest uploading them to mediafire.

Not Fair 20 May, 2012 01:05  

all password confirm no problem, the problem is either you guy copy the wrong one or misunderstand the password (apply to old theme)

as for this theme, the link no problem. I do aware some theme the link is already dead. The reason I did not upload again is the files already long gone, if I got time and mood I will go dig the source again to re-upload.

Not Fair 20 May, 2012 01:22  

@Black Snow
if I able to find...

Darren koh (Raver) 22 May, 2012 16:41  

Heres an UPdate, tell me if i am wrong anyway,
I used Win7 Link> Mediafire and Uploaded,
Extracted the files, open it, Language:English
title:A pile of gibberish Password i wrote into:jssj Password States that
Happens on both Mediafire/uploaded, im sure the file is not the problem, are you sure jssj is correct? or maybe i should try other language?
Pls answer soon, Thx Sola1412 -Darren-

Darren koh (Raver) 22 May, 2012 16:46  

Ok W.t.f just found out the problem, For some reason the PASSWORD IS 'jssj by weidao' Yes, guys, for those who cant seem to get it right, its the full.fking.phrase.inclusive.of.spacing.
My question is solved anyway, thx Sola1412, hope you are not too lazy to upload old old files to replace dead links, Keep it up!~

yhuat 23 May, 2012 17:55  

I would like request a theme.. Hiiro no Kakera

Otaku_God 27 May, 2012 15:59  

What is the real password!!!!!

あかたうりゅう 29 May, 2012 14:01  

can any1 teach me how 2 make this kind of theme???

Freddy Zurita López 13 June, 2012 03:43  

T_T not can patch in x64.It is written that "access denied" even went through the administrator.I'm the Adminitrator.

Not Fair 17 June, 2012 22:23  

erm, this shouldn't be appear... which step u are in?

Not Fair 17 June, 2012 22:31  

there is a link in "How to use the theme?" be4 the download, end of this post.

Lester 18 June, 2012 16:49  

i dont see the close button.

MultiFirion 18 June, 2012 22:00  

Strange I tape the password jssj in and click next but it say 'Password incorrect',what with this? ==

Rin Kagamine 20 June, 2012 01:10  

wht the hell is the password
"jssj by weidao "this
or this"Kuroyukihime <3333"
i tried both they both dont work
its just saying the password is incorrect

Not Fair 20 June, 2012 17:19  

when u can't see close button, either press Enter or Alt-F4 (the installing window is active)

@Multi & @Rin
the password is "jssj by weidao", if can't u try to manually type in

Arga Arfiano Sakti 03 July, 2012 07:37  

Excuse me, I have a problem

like this..

the close button isn't appear, can you help me?

Alvin Thenardo 14 July, 2012 13:50  

Thanks a lot man... I really like the theme :D

Jerome Rodrigues 15 July, 2012 14:28  

hi sorry but can i make a request on a theme?

Xanxus 05 August, 2012 15:20  

always say press close, where got close this stupid word.

kristian perdigueros 21 December, 2012 19:08  

Umm... I know that it is not your business but. Once I the theme is extracting, I wait and it stops during 16 seconds.. And something popped up.. Ohh I mean an application popped up--> Dial Up Connection..I wonder why my laptop does this thing.. well oh.. haha.. just joking .. :P..Hmmm sir or ma'am.. is this thing happening or not maybe it is only on my laptop.. Please help me -.-... URGHHH....

Umm.. sorry for my bad grammar and english ..

Not Fair 22 December, 2012 21:14  

that pop up thing suppose visit is to the theme's team forum, if u are not online I think ur windows ask u to connect to internet, just my guess...

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