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Mar 11, 2012

This beautiful purple color theme was from the anime series Nisemonogatari, one of the current season anime, the girls are lovely, by the way, is this anime good?

Although purple is not my favourite color, but I quite like this theme, I wonder is because the lovely girls ^^. The only thing I found weird is on the start button. Btw, the theme created by Natsukyo.

In XP, the skin color is using black.

Basically, the XP folder background is same as the Win 7.

Theme Resources
Wei Dao

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP


Win 7 : File Factory | MediaFire | Uploaded

Win XP : File Factory | MediaFire | Uploaded

5 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 12 March, 2012 00:40  

Ohhhh... Kawaii-desu... Thanks for the wonderful theme as always! :D


Ringm 13 March, 2012 08:50  

The Best,tema muito bom o Brasil apoia vocĂȘs

SpeedStar5 17 March, 2012 07:41  

The anime is very good if your into mystery and the supernatural; all the characters are very interesting and cute (especially Shinobu, the blonde loli vampire :3) Nisemonogatari has ALOT of fanservice though so Bakemonogatari might be more your thing as it did not have as much =P

Dika Purna Sucita 04 April, 2012 15:44  

this anime is pretty good. You must watch Bakemonogatari, the prequel of this anime.

seira00100 08 April, 2012 03:46  

maybe theme shinobu is great
thanks for this theme anyway ^^

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