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Feb 18, 2012

version 1 on Win 7
A theme from the anime series Guilty Crown, which happen to be my one of the favourite anime from previous season, a not bad anime seriously, and this theme also quite well make ^^, another great theme from Natsukyo. There is 2 version of the theme, above preview is the version 1.

version 1 on Win 7 folder background
The theme is nice, but I want more Inori!

This is the XP version 1, look nice as well.

This is the version 2 for the Guilty Crown. Nearly forget, there is something update on the "Guider" which currently has 2 extra button, please refer to "How to use the Theme? - Win 7" below. That all, get the theme via below link.

Theme Resources
Wei Dao

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP


Win 7
Version 1: Crocko | File Factory | Uploaded | MediaFire
Version 2: Crocko | File Factory | Uploaded | MediaFire

Win XP
Version 1: Crocko | File Factory | Uploaded | MediaFire
Version 2: Crocko | File Factory | Uploaded | MediaFire

13 comment(s):

Rafael Böhm 18 February, 2012 23:10  

nice one. thanks.
but maybe someone should edit shus arm out. ^^'

Jan Joseph 18 February, 2012 23:18  

It's amazing, the composition of the characters are not so girlish :D

I love it, thanks for the another great upload!

P.S. you might wonder on my first sentence, because in my school, they always say that my themes look so girlish, they would think that I'm a gay T_T

The hell I care to what they say :D

Not Fair 18 February, 2012 23:43  


I quite understand it. We are proud to be OTAKU!

Einixmax 19 February, 2012 04:28  

Yay, mediafire link :D thankyou !!
Guilty Crown has good animation so bunch of WP too, Still watching it piss me off sometime
PS: Don`t compare it to code geass. Let me finish it before you do (>.<)

Not Fair 19 February, 2012 12:49  

better don't compare it with other anime, this one had it's good side :)

Adnank 20 February, 2012 15:39  

arigatou gonzaimasu, wow its first time there's host MF
i hope MF still the best and this anime is good too ... watch it ^^

John Do 11 March, 2012 22:18  

Hey, where's the close button ? I can't start installing with me closing this advertisement . . .

chan furniture 26 March, 2012 18:44  

>.> want more Inori!!!!!

nobody 07 April, 2012 21:34  

Why does my computer crash everytime i install a theme ?

Ahmed Imraan 03 May, 2012 23:54  

What os are you using

psyche♥♥♥ 24 July, 2012 18:30  

can you help me? i already installed the theme but my window color is turning into BASIC. all i get was the wallpapers and icons.... windows7 ultimate

psyche♥♥♥ 24 July, 2012 19:55  

hi! i would just like to ask about the sounds, can you translate those sound filenames? and what are they for, i kinda get that shatodaun=shutdown :) how bout the other sound? thanks.... really grateful for the theme.... ♥

dannz 21 January, 2013 10:10  

what's the password? heLp me please! i'm begin.

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