Fate/zero 1st version for 7 & XP (updated)

Mar 10, 2012

Here is the Fate/zero first version from Natsukyo. Since this is the first version, so there will be 2nd version, will be share with you all next time.

I hope this is not too late to share the theme with you all, since the anime first season already ended.

This is the preview of the XP theme.

The only downside of the XP theme was the left menu bar background which seem to stretch a bit.

updated version 2 & 3 at 10th March 2012, you can go to this page or this page for preview of the theme.

Theme Resources
Wei Dao

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP


Win 7
Version 1Crocko | File Factory | MediaFire
Version 2File Factory | MediaFire | Uploaded
Version 3File Factory | MediaFire | Uploaded

Win XP
Version 1Crocko | File Factory | MediaFire
Version 2File Factory | MediaFire | Uploaded
Version 3File Factory | MediaFire | Uploaded

18 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 08 February, 2012 16:01  

Another great theme! Thank you as always :D

Evz 09 February, 2012 07:24  

Welcome back ^_^ need more themez

Senelion 20 February, 2012 22:53  

I donwload the win7 version because that I was using but err
err my hp laptop wont open, im getting SHELL32.dll missing error and logonUI.exe error, and everytime I open my laptop I only have black screen and suddenly error appear like I mention above and I dont know what to do, any advice what to do?

p.s im using my big bro laptop just to comment in here

shadowfire 20 February, 2012 23:08  

@Senelion to answer your question is when you install the theme and patch it, it will patch that file and when you try to use a different theme it will "remove" the file and unless you act really quickly and restore your computer from a backup. In your case you will have to re-install windows (this is the best way I have found to fix the problem) but if you know how to run the windows restore from the boot up menu then I would probably recommend re-install windows.

mercxantor 21 February, 2012 02:58  

same problem happened to me, i fixed it by starting my computer and clicking F8 over and over (before the windows logo comes) and then going to system repair, and there using system restore, it may say that it failed after but for me it still worked

Senelion 21 February, 2012 19:05  

@shadowfire I just fix my problem it took me 1 day to fix >.<, but I want this theme so badly, can you give me a guide step by step? because I cant read japanese characters

shadowfire 29 February, 2012 00:16  

@senelion http://modvisc.blogspot.com/2010/12/merry-xmas-everyone.html if you follow this guild it will work fine (it has never failed for me yet)

anubisbeat 14 March, 2012 22:27  
This comment has been removed by the author.
anubisbeat 14 March, 2012 22:42  

the password for the 3rd win 7 theme isnt working

anubisbeat 14 March, 2012 22:51  

ive figured out the password its zeronatsukyo

Cahyo 27 March, 2012 20:41  

the password doesn't work for the second, and third xp theme

Seraphim 20 May, 2012 10:44  

does this work on windows 7 home prem? cause when i tried i lost my shell32.dll and screwed up my laptop xD

LN2D 07 July, 2012 15:25  

Do you have version 3 this?

Ryuki Sakazaki 17 December, 2012 04:30  

The Password is wrong...can give me the right password for the all versions...

Joseph Ong 26 June, 2013 14:27  

All the version password are all wrong can you please give me the right password for it? Thanks

Taufiq Akmal Dawami 19 July, 2013 14:09  

can you give me the right password?

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