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Feb 9, 2012

I'm sure quite a number of BRS fan love Dead Master, and I hope this Dead Master theme suit your taste. It happen that Natsukyo has create this theme, so I share it over as well.
I personally think the folder background is quite not match the theme, well that just my opinion.

Preview of XP theme

Folder preview of XP Theme.

Theme Resources
Wei Dao

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP


Win 7
File Factory

Win XP
File Factory

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Jan Joseph 09 February, 2012 22:41  

Woah, a theme dedicated to Dead Master fans... Naisu, Imma gonna download this one... Sankyuu! :D

lolzorgz 10 February, 2012 17:07  

both your links for the Win7 dl are crocko. and the "crocko" link points to the brs dl not the dead master. anyways i like :D thanks!

lolzorgz 10 February, 2012 17:10  

1 more thing. i can't dl from crocko D: so yeah the file factory link would be nice

lolzorgz 10 February, 2012 21:08  

thank you very much! it's really nice to have you back again ^^

TetSuYa HellBlade 14 February, 2012 21:11  

One thing though: I gt everything in the theme except for that picture on the bottom right of the file folders that you open...did i do something wrong?

Einixmax 18 February, 2012 17:34  

Read this

Riri 07 July, 2013 15:32  

how you create this theme?? OAO

Not Fair 14 July, 2013 14:51  

I just repost the theme from somewhere, I got mention the author (see the post)

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