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Feb 5, 2012

Hello everyone, it's been a while since the last update... erm let's see, already 6 months (>.<). If you wonder why I didn't update for so long, one is because busy, then lead to no mood, hence become inactive, or maybe because I'm am lazy, ah well, whatsoever. Well tadaima! but not sure will become how active if compare to last time.

Back to the main topic, as the title name suggest, this is Black Rock Shooter theme for both 7 & XP. The theme was create by Natsukyo, you may go to the link for other theme as well. Recently they also starting to develop Android theme, but I won't be reposting that any time soon.

This is how the XP theme look like. Previously I also share a Black Rock Shooter theme before which only for XP.

The theme will be same as always, can refer to previous some tips for install and use. Those old theme that I share before, if the file deleted, I won't be reupload until I got the mood, sorry. The password you can go to the author site or below.

Theme Resources
Wei Dao

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP


Win 7
File Factory

Win XP
File Factory

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Komagi 05 February, 2012 22:13  

I'm glad you're back.

Jan Joseph 06 February, 2012 18:20  

Good to see you're back mate! And thanks for the wonderful theme :D

Yureka07879 06 February, 2012 23:13  

does this effect on Windows 7 home basic
and does it crashes ur computer??

Harmon 10 February, 2012 05:17  

Hi, thanks for the uploads, and okaerinasai~ I just so happened to also had Shakugan no Shana as my background, and when I uploaded to Black Rock Shooter, My Shana picture is still there on the start and on the folder

Sola Chong 10 February, 2012 19:34  

if u didnt use any "guider" on this theme yet, then u find back the Shana Guider to revert back to the original state (refer to the tutorial). If you already do so, then sorry.

DYE_RE:Flection 11 February, 2012 00:28  

While you absent, i think someone already use Black Gold Saw theme for Win7. Just telling ya.
I forgot where did i saw the pic.

Harmon 11 February, 2012 02:23  

Ahhh, I figured it out with your tutorial. I just so happened to remember that you had a tutorial for it. Thank you so much!

Crazyna 12 February, 2012 19:40  

File Factory
Win 7
Not file T^T

Einixmax 18 February, 2012 17:50  

I can`t download from both Crocko and File Factory, can you upload them to some host like mediafire or Even at time like this they`re still better then the ones you use

Not Fair 18 February, 2012 23:47  

mediafire I will try, cause I alway get d/c from mediafire when upload - -', that why I didn't use it.

mercxantor 19 February, 2012 13:56  

Does anyone else have the problem with the shell being stuck on a previous theme (mine is stuck on the seishun otoko to denpa onna theme as in the folder backgrounds and the startmenu belong to that shell)
I've already tried returning the shell to the original using the guider.exe but it stays the same and when i use the guider from brs it isn't the black rock shooter stuff

It should be noted i am using the patch since i have win7 service pack case that makes a difference

mercxantor 19 February, 2012 14:17  

To update, since i saw it said no patch for this theme i have also tried the guider.exe (as admin) with no patch, still nothing (now normal windows since i switched to a normal windows theme)

Not Fair 21 February, 2012 10:53  

U stuck in previous theme i think most likely u use another guider before u revert to the original one. You must revert to the original one before use any of other theme. To revert back to the original WIndows shell, sorry to tell you I also don't know....

"no patch for this theme" is for those old theme (the theme before sp1) which don't have a guider or the guider itself got problem which need to be patch/upgrade, from now onward all of the theme will not need to look into this step. My bad for not state clearly.

mercxantor 24 February, 2012 02:34  

@Not Fair
Okay, thanks for the theme, I'm sure it'll work out eventually, it usually does.

-H1k4r1- 07 April, 2012 13:55  

That's the password or websites ???

Unknown 05 May, 2012 13:32  

okay the MF links of the xp one is the Dead master not this one hehe

dffsf 02 June, 2012 00:31  

ok so I uninstalled this theme, and the star/skull on the start menu button is still there!!! please help me!! I tried everything and this darn star/skull won't leave!!! I want to install other themes but I can't because of this!!! what to i do!!

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