Ano Natsu de Matteru theme for your XP or 7

Feb 23, 2012

This theme was from the current season anime name Ano Natsu de Matteru, quite a nice anime to me, and remind of the Onegai Sensei! Theme was created by WeiDao.

the folder background for Windows 7, look nice too, but the only problem on the Windows bottom bar background always get stretch.

The Windows XP preview, basically same as the Windows 7 theme. And once again, special reminder, you may found some of the theme from now onward is using "Guider ver 2.2", which has a 2 extra button, please refer here for more info. That all, please enjoy the theme, thank you.

Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP


Win 7: Crocko | File Factory | Uploaded | MediaFire

Win XP: Crocko | File Factory | Uploaded | MediaFire

11 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 24 February, 2012 21:03  

Nice one... Thanks for the upload once again :D

Einixmax 24 February, 2012 23:12  

Somehow this anime look like Please ! Teacher to me so much ....

Lellou 07 March, 2012 08:18  

when i try to change shell files it seems like ''something denied'' i am runnig as admin how can i solve this? to let the exe make configuration in my pc???

milkfish 11 March, 2012 09:41  

Thanks... btw im having a problem regarding Tanigawa's background design on folders.. Ive browsed different folders but I cant find her at all though I dont have a problem with the other girls..

Naoki Kaito 30 March, 2012 04:37  

while the theme is ready to install, somehow the close button (where you have to wait for 20 seconds) doesn't show :/ Can somebody help how to solve this problem ? Onegaishimasu :(

Combie_A 02 April, 2012 01:41  

The whole extracting part is bugged out for me, the close button is not there in the bottom right corner like the rest of the theme installers.

naokikaito 06 April, 2012 23:46  

The close button doesn't show up and i can't install it :/ Can somebody please help :(

DestinyZero 16 May, 2012 23:55  

why can't I change the shell files? when I try to click Shell Change it won't let me. It says access denied or something. Help anyone? I run as administrator too, and still doesn't work...

Nogizaka 20 June, 2012 09:31  

@DesitinyZero, you might want to follow an updated tutorial...I posted it here -->

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