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Aug 9, 2011

Here is current season anime title name Mayo Chiki, original from light novel, currently have adapted into manga and anime. Many cute girls, but I like Kanade Suzutsuki the most, who is you favourite character in the series?

As always, the theme was created by Wei Dao.

This is how the theme look like in XP. Hope you guy like it.

Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Patch for Win 7 SP1 (no need to use the patch for this theme)
Win XP


Win 7
Easy Share
File Sonic
File Factory

Win XP
Easy Share
File Sonic
File Factory

20 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 10 August, 2011 06:50  

Shining Star Subaru Sama!!! Thanks for the theme as always!! ^_^

matniky 11 August, 2011 02:08  

OMG A series I KNOW!

fooke_a 13 August, 2011 00:56  

umm...I have one problem it is when I install theme it's must be like this the time in that has stop and it's happens with every theme which I install please help me TwT~

Jan Joseph 13 August, 2011 08:07  

Click outside the window, then click the window of the installer and press spacebar... If not, same process, but, click the icon of the program in the taskbar then press spacebar... Hope that helps...

Not Fair 14 August, 2011 14:22  

or ALT-F4 after reach 20 second.

Tomoya Yuruinura Asakuragi 14 August, 2011 16:05  

fooke_a he same problem as me

January Joseph & Not Fair
I want to ask, if during the installation process occurs constraints such as image, does that mean the installation process fails and must repeat from the beginning or the process has been successful ..? (was I wanted to ask you that but you already answered)

therefore, thank you very much, I hope you continue to make other themes
This theme is very awesome

Sky Dragon 15 August, 2011 06:34  

Can you do a theme of Itsuka Tenma? if you do it you will be my god *o* xD

ibdwnm 17 August, 2011 04:55  

I can't do the shellchange, it's the same with every theme. I click on the shellchange button, and this window opens:
The right button does nothing, the left one redirects me to some page.

Eternia 18 August, 2011 13:45  

Wow, it has a disc for start menu.
Downloading right away!

Xecus 22 August, 2011 16:02  

Wow it was the best

nikkusan 28 August, 2011 23:08  

i cannot get the shell change to work. please help me

mutante 05 September, 2011 13:42  

Heya there, nice work on this man realy lovely stuff.

Adding here a little program that can make you change the Start icon. Found it by mistake and want to share with others.

Have other stuff to fix the shell and icons.

ShOOtiNg STaRs 20 September, 2011 22:16  

How do you create the themes?

-TenpaJyousai- 24 September, 2011 17:40  

can you help me with this one please...

jofori ~ otaku ~ freelancer fansubber 21 October, 2011 08:09  

Which file will change the start button? Themes from here, they didn't change it after apllied

AsthreA 15 December, 2011 17:12  

yo,, Not fair can i have a request of xp theme of Angel beats kanade version with logon and mouse right click..if you dont mind thanks in advance

asasas 23 December, 2011 13:59  

why did it something like this always pop up every time i tried to download any theme here?
or there's a trick for this?

ヒカル 29 January, 2012 19:25  

Can somebody help me ?
I have a problem in folder background, each i install themes it work except the folder background. It's always white

What i must do ?

lnwbeam 08 February, 2012 00:40  

I can't find the word close

Brian Mencias 09 September, 2012 05:48  


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