Anime Saimoe 2011 is around the corner

Aug 14, 2011

The Anime Saimoe Tournament (アニメ最萌トーナメント), or Saimoe, it is an online popularity yearly contest to vote for the most moe anime character of the year, it started since 2002, more info go here. After a few week of Preliminary round I & II (last month), the candidate who qualify for the main round has finally decided by fan voting, the grouping of the tournament is decided as well.

And so, Saimoe main round is around the corner (this coming 16 Aug 2011, Japan time), so is time for you to stand up and vote for your love one...

Useful link for Saimoe:
Official Site
Saimoe Wiki (scroll down to the Anime Saimoe Tournament)
Anime Suki (a forum that you may find lot of information)

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fooke_a 17 August, 2011 19:19  

I must vote for my love !!!

Matniky 27 October, 2011 12:51  

Hmm?hey NotFair you dead?

Jan Joseph 08 November, 2011 22:43  

Hey, are you still alive Not Fair? It's been almost 3 months since you have given us new theme updates, let us know if you're still there ^_^

Best Regards

Doomsday_Yomi 06 December, 2011 19:02  

Its been a while , hope you are alright

Kaede 16 January, 2012 10:17  

Are you busy? You have not posted in a while! I miss your updates!

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