Ro Kyu Bu XP and 7 Theme

Jul 30, 2011

Here come with one of this season anime theme, the anime series adapted from the light novel, and it is about 5 loli and their basketball story. Although this series is not the best, but I think got their own supporter and sure got people like it, anyway, all of them are cute ^^.

This anime has some fan service, I doubt that is it daijoubu? cause I thought Japan going to implement the law (what the law again? damn, this law will going to kill off many idea). FYI, this Ro Kyu Bu theme is create by Wei Dao. The author also create some PSP theme for other title.

This is XP theme, also very nice.


Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Patch for Win 7 SP1 (no need to use the patch for this theme)
Win XP

lqs by weidao

Win 7
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File Sonic
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Win XP
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17 comment(s):

matniky 30 July, 2011 20:36  

now i have a problem..... whats with all these animes >.<' ive never heard of any of these new ones you post for awhile now XD

Jan Joseph 30 July, 2011 22:19  

Too much loli for me in this anime... Thanks a lot, it's been a while you have posted a theme... ^_^

seira00100 02 August, 2011 10:45  

I like loli ^.^ MOE
thanks for this theme
request theme sora no otoshimono ^.^
thanks before

castor212 04 August, 2011 21:18  
This comment has been removed by the author.
castor212 04 August, 2011 21:42  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mashiro 12 August, 2011 12:01  

hey, i wanna ask about something..
there's something wrong with desktop..
take a look at this pic...

Mashiro 12 August, 2011 12:37  

nevermind about my comment, i already found how to fix it... :D

Not Fair 14 August, 2011 14:23  

is that because of the resolution?

CarLoZ 15 August, 2011 06:29  

How to make skin work.. the start skin for example... mine became white. >.<

Kevin 02 September, 2011 04:20  

where is the close button?

Saber Riko 19 September, 2011 09:10  

wow kawaiiii.... thanks ^^

EvilYin 29 September, 2011 09:34  

um I got the same problem Mashiro, How do you fix that?

EvilYin 29 September, 2011 15:52  

Um I have the same problem as Mashiro, Anyone know how to fix this? thanks

EvilYin 10 October, 2011 11:18  

@Mashiro How did you fix it? I got the same problem and no luck on fixing it.

GeaR 11 October, 2011 21:31  

why my themes in windows 7 not full performance like your picture review...

profile 27 December, 2011 11:24  

do you think that its ok for men to use a theme like this? or is it awkward because anime like this are only suitable for women?

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