Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (Blue version)

Jul 1, 2011

Is time for some past season anime series Windows theme, many of the theme already bookmarked in my browser, but the bookmark list accidentally deleted so in the end totally forget the existence of the theme.

Ok, this theme was base on Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Before this, I do share before a Oreno Imouto theme which was created by Natsukyo, but this version was by Wei Dao, and compatible with SP1 (need to use the SP1 patch).

This theme was mainly use blue color, apply for both version. And well, it more focus on Kirino I guess. I know many of you want Kuroneko but I didn't seen it before (or did I ???), as mention before I also want Kuroneko theme!!! Thought go for other forum for some searching exercise but another source (forum) was currently down too.

That all and as usual, need to use SP1 patch for Windows 7 to use the theme. And link below.

Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Patch for Win 7 SP1
Win XP

XP: am by weidao
7: Wdmmbknmka by weidao

Win 7
Easy Share
File Sonic
File Factory

Win XP
Easy Share
File Sonic
File Factory

16 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 02 July, 2011 00:42  

Yey! Another Ore no Imouto theme!! Thanks! ^_^

Another great upload, and more great uploads to come!

EvilYin 07 July, 2011 15:10  
This comment has been removed by the author.
EvilYin 07 July, 2011 15:14  

Theres a problem with is one, When it gets to the extracting part in the installer, AFter 20 seconds a close button is suppose to appear, but it doesn't for me. So I can't get it to continue installing. =( help? Im using Win7 by the way

craytm 31 July, 2011 11:55  

thanks for the great themes :D

Love it!

oh btw
when the setup gets to extracting part.. after 20 seconds if the close button doesn't appear.. just press alt +F4 to continue the setup

jhonathan5030 05 August, 2011 14:19  

hi great site and such issues heard windows 7 I have a problem when I install this theme to the end is just 20 seconds when I close it and nothing happens please ayudaaaaaa I really like what I please 8 (

cyberknight 09 August, 2011 21:53  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Iwashima Fue 19 August, 2011 07:03  

I already did, but still can't

hedii kun 24 August, 2011 13:18  

file 7 in filesonic was deleted

Joseph Avegail 25 September, 2011 23:39  

Hi! this is a great theme but the password isn't working. Please help me on this one.


CrimsonFang 03 October, 2011 16:12  

hey could you upload another one because the file is deleted in the website you have given us. i just want to have this theme.and can i also ask a favor another TWGOK please.

XxRavenDx 05 March, 2012 05:14  

I need help windows 7 pass is not working

XxRavenDx 05 March, 2012 05:17  

Pass words are not working

J-curse 17 July, 2012 21:00  

links doesn't work....

J-curse 29 August, 2012 22:10  

I managed to install it but it seems a bit different then yours as in the start menu area and the window explorers. Any idea why?

For those who say the password doesn't work, the password is the whole entire thing "Wdmmbknmka by weidao" this includes the spaces also

Weeraphat Saejoen 22 June, 2013 01:45  

I can't use the "ShellChange", could someone please help

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