Kami-sama no Memo-chō Win XP & 7

Jul 13, 2011

Kami-sama no Memo-chō is a Japanese light novel series written by Hikaru Sugii, and then adapted into manga and now this season anime too. I didn't read the light novel and manga so not sure how good it is, but the first episode of the anime was actually quite ok to me. And yeah, Alice was cute ^^.

The theme was quite ok, and the start menu abit too fancy to me. Well I guess I can't complain much though cause I dunno how to create theme. The theme was created by Wei Dao.

The XP theme also look simple and clean, which was quite nice.

Ok, that all for the theme. Please take note, XP and 7 version has different password, can be refer to bottom for more info.

Theme Resources

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Patch for Win 7 SP1 (no need for this theme)
Win XP

Win 7: sdjsb by weidao
Win XP: sdjsb

Win 7
Easy Share
File Sonic
File Factory

Win XP
Easy Share
File Sonic
File Factory

8 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 14 July, 2011 20:30  

Thanks a lot! I liked this anime a lot...

Gl2angeR 14 July, 2011 23:05  

where is close button !!!!

Gl2angeR 14 July, 2011 23:43  

Ok now i'm understand

for the one who can't find that where is CLOSE button after 20 sec pathcing

just press Alt+F4 XD

seira00100 23 July, 2011 12:21  

thanks for this theme ^.^

Endless 24 July, 2011 06:57  

Even when i run as administrator the shellchange, it doesn't work, always access denied.

Pyouni 22 October, 2011 02:13  

Why did everything stay the same?

aishiheartnet 03 November, 2011 15:06  

why you not upload all theme in mediafire?

van si 22 March, 2012 15:09  

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