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Jun 17, 2011

"I can see the ending" by Keima Katsuragi from The World God Only Knows. This is one of the anime that I like, it was really fun to watch, and the girls are cute too. Sometime the quotes that appear in the anime are really make me lol!! Basically story a gamer otaku that call The God of Conquests that can capture/conquer all kind of 2D girls hearts in the eroge/VN game, later something happen and need to capture/conquer real girls hearts, more info go to Wiki.

This theme come with XP and 7 Theme. One thing is I found out the search bar in the start menu is missing in Win 7 - -', maybe already remove by the author!? The theme was created by Natsukyo.

This is the XP theme, start menu.

Folder background in the XP theme.

Theme Resources
Wei Dao

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Patch for Win 7 SP1
Win XP


Win 7
Easy Share
File Factory
File Sonic

Win XP
Easy Share
File Factory
File Sonic

6 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 18 June, 2011 01:14  

Oh yeah! I haven't finished watching this anime... Thanks for the upload! ^_^

ヴい 18 June, 2011 08:50  

Please create Little Busters theme for windows 7 _(._.)_

seira00100 20 June, 2011 21:09  

I like this theme ^.^/
thanks you

TjY 20 June, 2011 23:51  

why only my wallpaper is changing?

[CORE} Mervin 07 April, 2012 11:43  

:D I see characters from the manga!

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