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Jun 13, 2011

Many of you might already know, Shakugan no Shana going to have it final season of the anime adaptation in this October, finally after wait quite a few years for it to arrive, I love this anime. It will follow the story and continue from the last OVA I think. Not only anime, novel will going for the final as well, happy and sad at the same time.

So, I decided to repost this anime to celebrate the adaptation! FYI, the theme was brought to you by Wei Dao.Although, this is not a theme that come from the new anime, but I do hope you guy like it. Link will be as follow. Ah ya, this will only have Win 7 theme no XP. Next theme most likely will be this and previous season of the anime.

One more thing, from now on I will shorten all of the download link by using the, hope you guy don't mind ;), but only to those which was 5 or 7 days ago or older.

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Patch for Win 7 SP1
Win XP

Xiana by weidao

File Factory
Easy Share
File Sonic

18 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 14 June, 2011 01:30  

YEAH! Another great theme... Thanks for the upload ^_^

leinheart 14 June, 2011 15:58  

Hell Yea!!! I love this Anime!!!
Many Thanks for this god awesome theme!!!

Chass 15 June, 2011 05:29  

thanks as usual...
oh yea, can u help me dl these two themes?

Not Fair 15 June, 2011 10:18  

I try my best, it is a limited edition from them and require some special forum point to get and currrently I still in 0 for that point - -'. I go check how I earn that thing first...

seira00100 16 June, 2011 16:15  

thanks you very much for your hard work.
this great theme, I like it ^.^/

Chass 17 June, 2011 05:51  

ok thanks...can u tell me also when u find out how to get the special points?

Not Fair 18 June, 2011 00:32  

in the DIY Forum there is something call "DIY指数", a point that can get from posting some original content post, or some of the event that forum organize which sometime they will reward that point.

Another way to earn is to convert through certain point call "贡献点" (contribution point) can be earn through like what I stated above or most easy way is to reference people into the forum using the reference link to share the post, then i think can earn, or someone use the reference link to register as member. I got this point, not much though ^^, 10point of contribution can be convert 1 point of the "DIY指数".

I manage have enough point to exchange it ... ToT

Not Fair 21 June, 2011 00:53  

sorry. for the limited edition theme, currently it is not allow to share it outside of the group, so even I can't be download it...

Nycix 29 June, 2011 19:34  

There's no close button?

Skarlath 03 July, 2011 15:26  

I'm having the same problem as Nycix, and I know it's not a matter of a problem with my computer, since i've already installed the Nagisa/Kyou theme. Can anybody help us out?

suske423 12 September, 2011 04:18  

plz can u help me with this theme im getting a windows classic thing when i put this theme on how do i make it windows 7 like in the pis above plz tell meh

Blutsauger 13 October, 2011 15:01  

I don't have a close button either...)=

Indry T.Harlaown Mondial 16 December, 2011 05:27  

me too,i didn't find close button...

Kirua03 16 December, 2011 19:00  

excuse me, why i get wrong password, it's Xiana right? O_o

Kirua03 16 December, 2011 19:14
someone can tell me how to fix this? >.<

soyuki 02 January, 2012 05:28  

where's close button?

Blutsauger 06 February, 2012 00:14  

I didnt find a close button but i think if you press alt + f4 on that sxreen it works as well. I got it to work by doing that i believe.

Alex Sayapal 04 June, 2012 23:02  

can you upload it to mediafire
i cant DL tose Dl link pls >.<
Tnx :D

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