Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Win XP & 7 Theme

Jun 28, 2011

This theme was from Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi (Bridge to a Starry Sky) anime series or game. A typical harem series and adapted from a eroge or bishoujo game. I do watch this anime till episode 6 or 7 but because it is another type of harem anime so I currently on hold again, not sure will continue after that...

You might want to ask me why I currently on hold so many anime, well this is because quite busy for work ToT, really miss last time which can allow me to watch all anime anytime. Well, now sometime I watch anime and at the sametime doing other thing (multi-tasking), which not enjoyable.

This theme was created to you by Natsukyo. Currently this will be the lastest theme from Natsukyo. Hopefully there is much more theme coming soon (if so I think will be the next season anime).

Although I'm not really into this anime, but I do love this theme especially the Windows 7 version, because the start menu was well done!

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Wei Dao

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Patch for Win 7 SP1
Win XP


Win 7
Easy Share
File Sonic
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Win XP
Easy Share
File Sonic
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12 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 28 June, 2011 17:07  

Weeeee, I liked this anime too, so the theme as well! Thanks a lot dude, you're the best! And another great upload >_<

Kyonpachi 29 June, 2011 00:13  
This comment has been removed by the author.
tozymba 29 June, 2011 00:16  

Thanks, but do you know why mine look like this?
is it because I didn't install the SP1 patch?

Joseph Avegail 29 June, 2011 01:06  

Great! Thank you so much. I actually didn't like how it ended. I was rooting for Ibuki-chan but she got rejected.

-still hoping for Kuroneko and Deadman WonderLand, XD.

Adnank 30 June, 2011 08:26  

thanks for nice themes
but i have bit problem,i cant appearance background themes, i already follow manual:my comp->properties->advance->setting->mark(use a background image)
but nothing happened,there's who know?

Eternia 30 June, 2011 19:19  

Whyyyy? did you drop the anime?
In my opinion, the protagonist is a really decent guy compared to other harem manga/anime/game.
He rejected the other girls properly, and he didn't need a long time to sort out his feeling, to choose Ui-chan.
The art is pretty good!
(unlike Madoka who has wide face and sloppy scribble for the witches and reality marbles,
so what if it's anoother dimension? it's not a good reason to be lazy at drawing!)
The animation is nice!
Also, the opening and ending songs are good!

Not Fair 30 June, 2011 23:52  

Actually not drop is onhold, and you are right, actually I finish the remaining yesterday ^^.

Agree on the Madoka! but it is famous and very hot, at least I dunno how to enjoy it...

Eternia 01 July, 2011 10:56  

Teehee. It's been a while that I visited your blog. I am impatient for Baka to Test 2nd season.

Not Fair 07 July, 2011 22:06  

Once again welcome back ^^.

hinaskye 11 September, 2011 19:01  

I've got a problem, i installed from the Easy share link for Win 7, when i completed installing, i immediately got a msg from my anti virus saying the shellchanger file was infected by a trojan horse, so i immediately removed the theme, please fix if possible, thx

needcheat 30 April, 2012 00:16  

i've got a problem too..
i already installed the theme
but when i want to change the shell
the program said..
"unable to find specified file"
this problem maybe because the old shell not restored ? or what ?? T_T

Not Fair 30 April, 2012 21:01  

not sure lol.

if i remember correctly, even if the shell different also will overwrite, it just that it you wont be able to use back original windows shell...

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