Fractale Win XP/7 Theme

Jun 15, 2011

This last season anime although not do very well (actually is pretty bad, news saw on many blog), but still I love it's art style. Btw, how you think of this anime? Put that aside, this theme is by Natsukyo, which I wanted to repost last month (uhem, sorry).

This is how it look like for the folder background. The black line alway exist which kind a make the theme not so nice, I dunno why, it look like it never happen on their OS (I think I mention before).

This is how it look for the XP theme, sometime I feel the XP theme is more nice than the Win 7 theme for the anime's theme. But XP can't match with the Aero theme from Win 7. What do you think?

Although this anime is not really good but famous due to some other thing, I do hope you like it.

Side note: Soon or later, I might not use megaupload hosting to host the file, you may refer to here for more infomation. Other file hosting site that is not listed also might affected :(.

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Patch for Win 7 SP1
Win XP


Win 7
Easy Share
File Factory
File Sonic

Win XP
Easy Share
File Factory
File Sonic

4 comment(s):

seira00100 16 June, 2011 16:12  

thanks you for your hard work.
its great theme ^.^

Jan Joseph 17 June, 2011 10:29  

Yeah! Another Win 7 Theme! Thanks for the upload! ^_^

Silver Crow 21 July, 2012 00:37  

plase reupload theme

Silver Crow 21 July, 2012 16:03  

please reupload this theme

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