Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Win XP/7

Jun 27, 2011

This theme was base on the anime call Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko or Electric Wave Woman and Youthful Man. Although I not really like this series at first, but some how it attracted me to watch until episode 6, but on hold since then, will definitely watch it till end when I got time ^^. What do you think of the anime, good or bad?

Again this anime was created by Natsukyo, and also the next two theme I going to repost also from Natsukyo ^^.

You can see Erio Touwa everywhere in this theme, this also apply to the Windows XP. I think this version I found is base on her ^^.

The Windows XP theme version more or less is same as the Windows 7 version especially on the folder background. What different is start menu and of course the aero style in Windows 7.

Theme Resources
Wei Dao

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Patch for Win 7 SP1
Win XP


Win 7
Easy Share
File Factory
File Sonic

Win XP
Easy Share
File Sonic
File Factory

7 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 27 June, 2011 23:04  

Hmmm, I've never watched this anime before... But it looks good to me! Yee-haw! Another Great Upload ^^

Joseph Avegail 28 June, 2011 06:03  

Thanks. I really like this anime.

Eternia 30 June, 2011 19:25  

It has cute drawing.
It has proper story... for the first half, that is!
Later, it become totally pointless!
What's with the baseball matches? The appearance of the astrounot girl? They are totally irrelevant.

Prim`s 02 July, 2011 07:31  

it's SHAFT, should i explain more? D:

En Taro Tassadar 05 July, 2011 09:08  

Uhmm, just asking but I did everything in what the guide says but on the 2nd image where erio is on those certain folders. I can't seem to let it appear. Please help thanks.

seira00100 22 July, 2011 20:24  

kawaii and MOE theme ^.^
thanks for your hard work
arigatou gozaimasu

Number12 28 November, 2011 11:39  

anyone know the password? I cant find it I put in the link that was the "serial" and it didnt work. Thanks

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