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May 8, 2011

It's been a long time since my last post, recently quite busy for work, I do hope like last time when I was studying which has much free time to do all sort of thing ToT. Well, back to topic, the patch for the Windows 7 SP1 is out, which mean now you are able to use those theme that I said not working under the SP1, it is only require few easy step. Continue after the break.

There is few easy step you has to follow, this step is execute after you install the theme, and before you want to use the theme. This only need to be done once on each of the theme manually. Let's get started.

  1. Well, first download the patch, link at below.
  2. Then extract it out anywhere you like, there should be 3 files, if I didn't upload the wrong thing. The file name is start with 'GetBmp.exe', 'Guider.exe', and 'ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll'.

  3. After that, locate to the theme folder, which has the theme you install. The path is something like this "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\**theme name** \ShellChange\".
  4. Then Copy the files(step 2) you just downloaded, and Paste it to the theme folder (step 3), just Overwrite it.
  5. Then, right-click on the 'GetBmp.exe' and select 'Run as administrator'. After that click Yes to continue, and you should able to see this Window (image below). The button is mean patching (direct translate is mean Patch upgrade). Is to upgrade the 'Guider.exe' I think. It extract some necessary file from the theme itself.

  6. Then just click the only option, and it will tell you upgrade success. Remember, you has to paste it into correct folder, or else it won't work(step 3). And also it is only need to be done ONCE in each of the theme.
  7. After that, you should able to see some of the file was went missing. Now, just select the 'Guider.exe' and right-click select 'Run as administrator' to use the theme, refer to the 'Windows 7 Theme Detector' section under this post to how to use the 'Guider.exe'. (Right after you select the 'Guider.exe', some of the file will reappear with 2 extra bitmap image to be found in the same folder).
Actually I found out some of the 'Start Logo' is not as nice as before SP1, I wonder is because in SP1 there is some changes on the image that use for those logo and such. For example, some of the image that use for the Start Logo will appear a black background colour, I believe the original theme is not like that @.@'. Anyway, I hope this patch will help you guy.

Patch Download

34 comment(s):

lolzorgz 08 May, 2011 13:24  

For some reason, my taskbar remains the same for all themes. It's the basic Aero taskbar but the start menu skin changes.

Not Fair 08 May, 2011 14:54  

then i duuno... my case was no problem, but the start logo become very ugly...

lolzorgz 08 May, 2011 21:29  

hmm if my hypothesis is correct, it has something to do with the patching. i used a theme patcher back when some themes didn't work as it should have but it was the same time when my themes stopped changing my taskbar. i rmeember some themes having start menu icons changed but when i change to them now nothing happens :< you think i should roll back my theme patcher?

lightningtigerblade 09 May, 2011 07:37  

Patch works perfect for me.

lightningtigerblade 09 May, 2011 07:44  

As in everything but the task bar. But everything else works perfectly fine.

Not Fair 09 May, 2011 09:25  

can you guy screenshot the taskbar for me to see.

lightningtigerblade 09 May, 2011 17:24  

It looks like the regular aero taskbar, nothing more nothing less.

lightningtigerblade 09 May, 2011 17:25  

Adding in that the bg pics that appear in certain folder paths arent there either, totally forgot about that.

seira00100 10 May, 2011 17:25  

why guider.exe suspect in my antivirus as virus?
need help (T_T)
thanks for this patch, is great help ^^

gam3r4lyf3 12 May, 2011 07:51  

Which themes is this patch for?

Evz 16 May, 2011 11:22  

Hey guys I was hoping someone could help me with a big problem I've been having.

Basically I cannot revert my shellchange (windows start button) back to the default windows one. I get an error when I try to revert it.

I've tried setting it to a different start button, such as the madoka magica one, then revert it from there, but by doing so it just reverts back to this one (the kore wa zombie desuka)

This is the error i get when trying to revert from using the zombie shellchange

Evz 16 May, 2011 12:13  

It seems like I've somehow made the Kore wa Zombie desuka shellchange my default ?_?

Jan Joseph 18 May, 2011 22:56  

Nice theme you've got there Evz ^^

Evz 19 May, 2011 10:08  

Thx I made it :P

Jan Joseph 19 May, 2011 20:32  

Good for you, you can make that kind of themes... T_T

Jan Joseph 22 May, 2011 10:01  

Can you teach me please? I sounded like demanding

Sky Dragon 03 July, 2011 10:57  

Hmmm, i don't know if my computer is weird or something, but the patch don't work for me, and the pictures that are supposed to appear in other folders don't do it u_u
Also my start picture is always the same (the original :/), if someone can help me, i will be grateful ^^

62f9d0b6-b039-11e0-88cf-000bcdcb5194 18 July, 2011 03:29  

I run it as admin and I placed the files in the correct folder but when I run the shellchanger it still says access to path is denied

castor212 19 August, 2011 13:36  

when i tried to run the the getbmp i get error 0xcv000007b. Can someone help me?

castor212 19 August, 2011 13:38  

when i tried to run the getbmp i get 0xc000007b error. can someone help me?

asasas 23 December, 2011 15:53  

it says.. the file was deleted..

Archanime 04 January, 2012 23:05  

can you give me new link of the patch
all of them are expired

thank you ^^

COUNTER 14 January, 2012 06:49  

Check the Download Links ONEGAI~!! doesn´t work any

khorne11 01 February, 2012 10:49  

All links are down please re upload

nijiiro1 20 February, 2012 23:42  

Reupload The links please. Thanks.

Not Fair 25 February, 2012 20:21  

^ just for ur information if u are using the theme that is stated as (no patch for this theme), u can ignore this.

If u really need it, actually the file no longer exist in my storage....

Shigufumi 08 March, 2012 21:43  

can somebody re-up the files the links are dead...thank you...

Sera 26 March, 2012 01:57  

please upload the files in mediafire, none of the existing links are working......

emeige_06 30 March, 2012 17:57  

please fix the links -_- i really want to have the themes but they won't work completely. please TwT thank you in advance 0w0

makube.x 06 May, 2012 17:31  

can i use UXTheme Multi-Patcher 8.0 instead of this patch for windows 7 themes?

Not Fair 13 May, 2012 22:21  

the patcher and this patch is different thing. This patch is for the theme itself. the uxtheme is to enable you windows to use third party custom theme.

Weeraphat Saejoen 22 June, 2013 03:05  

Can someone please re-upload or something, cause i can't load it from either link. Thank You

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