Kore wa Zombie desu ka? XP and 7 Theme

May 9, 2011

This is another last season anime title XP & 7 Theme, from the anime Kore wa Zombie desu ka? I remember some of you have request this theme, sorry for so late only repost the theme :). For your information, this theme was created by Wei Dao as well, you might go to the link to check out for more other theme, but you must understand chinese.

As always, this Win 7 theme is cannot directly use under SP1, therefore you need to apply the patch, which can be found at below link. Instruction is at that post.

This is how the Win XP look like for the theme. I think for now only few theme author create both XP and 7 theme at the same time, other either stick to the XP or 7, this is from what I have saw so far from the forum.

This theme ship with 2 different skin, to be exact, only has 2 different start menu style, other like folder background is the same. You may change under the Display Property > Appearance Tab > Skin or so!?, I also forgotten where...

This is how the folder background look like. That all for this theme, hope you all like it.

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Patch for Win 7 SP1
Win XP

Please read and find in the User Agreement, and then you will see a link at the end of the user agreement, that the password. Please note, this is not the password!

Theme XP

Theme 7

44 comment(s):

MinnaNoBaka123 09 May, 2011 16:24  

When it says "please press the close button" I don't see it?

MinnaNoBaka123 09 May, 2011 16:31  

Never mind fixed it = w =

leinheart 09 May, 2011 21:19  

Thanks for the awesome theme!!!
btw is the 2 menu skins for win 7 or only XP?

seira00100 10 May, 2011 17:20  

arigatou gozaimasu (thanks, my wish is come true)
for this great theme, I like it very much (^_^)

seira00100 10 May, 2011 17:32  

next time maybe anime yumekui merry theme (^_^)
or anime fortune arterial theme (^o^)/

leinheart 10 May, 2011 22:13  

Just wondering if it would be possible to have an Angel Beats! theme?

andreu 11 May, 2011 00:21  

where can you find the close button when it says "please press the close button"???

i really need an answer.. been waiting for this theme for a long time now..

leinheart 11 May, 2011 09:45  

Press alt F4 when at the close button
that worked for me

andreu 11 May, 2011 13:24  

wow! it really does work... thanks!!

FrozenVince 11 May, 2011 19:45  

Hi urmmm i downloaded the files but i dont know how 2 use em.. can u E-mail me on how to use them? my E-mail is vlzh13@yahoo.com i am using Windows XP

Evz 16 May, 2011 12:14  

Hey guys I was hoping someone could help me with a big problem I've been having.

Basically I cannot revert my shellchange (windows start button) back to the default windows one. I get an error when I try to revert it.

I've tried setting it to a different start button, such as the madoka magica one, then revert it from there, but by doing so it just reverts back to this one (the kore wa zombie desuka)


This is the error i get when trying to revert from using the zombie shellchange


It seems like I've somehow set the kore wa zombie desuka shellchange as my default ?_?

Eternia 17 May, 2011 21:43  

I am too lazy to open your screenshots.
Because usually, these kind of problem can be fixed easily by typing :
sfc /scannow
on the command prompt / windows shell

Jan Joseph 18 May, 2011 22:20  

Thanks for the themes as always ^^

gamerz92 25 May, 2011 18:19  

i can't find the password...plese help me...

k-t-n 30 May, 2011 03:14  

can somone help me.i cant get my default windows to the shellchange (kore wa zombie desuka) ?

talesoffanatic 31 May, 2011 16:18  

so i downloaded some of these themes, thank you very much! i wonder if you have Durarara!! themes?

RhiSH 09 June, 2011 04:42  

Thank you very much to the author

Not Fair 12 June, 2011 22:40  

This few day will have update. depend on my upload speed though. Will try to upload all of this season anime theme latest by end of this month.

and there is a new update for the SP1 patcher but downloading cause the connection alway d/c although it just less than 1MB...

Raidou 13 June, 2011 10:33  

wohohoho..it's been a while since my last visit and you already have this much themes (XP & 7) update,,Awesome!!...Thx's so much n keep update the latest anime!! (^_^)

fauzt 20 July, 2011 17:10  

another great theme, i was wondering if you have to aru kagaku no railgun , or haruhi suzumiya theme for win7

Azunyan 26 July, 2011 21:07  

Want a Password Please send it to sleepingforest_rika@hotmail.com

KaZuMa 21 August, 2011 00:30  

Want a Password Please send it to hellkingbent@hotmail.com

castor212 29 August, 2011 16:19  

I installed the theme, but then an error occur, saying error 1115. Can you help me?

DN 24 November, 2011 20:49  

Is cute theme.


Jame [Memories'z] 08 January, 2012 22:18  

Please Password Send To : ReailPraker@gmail.com
[Windows XP And Windows 7]

Shana The Red hot eye flame hair 08 February, 2012 21:40  

How to change folder background ... ??
Why it can't change ... ??

karikatsu 17 April, 2012 14:45  

hello i have problem regarding the password...can you send me the password on my email: karikatsubagunu@gmail.com thanks for the theme ...i wish youcan help me

Chandra Asakura 05 May, 2012 10:28  

Help me, Pasword please..........


namenaja 18 May, 2012 14:31  

pasword --->bbs.acgdiy.com

plague1990 22 May, 2012 04:56  

Anyone knows how to change my start menu into EU?i want her pic in my start menu..please help!!

Rihardiyanto Aloisiafly 27 May, 2012 00:54  

how to make installer theme????
come please

Alex Sayapal 04 June, 2012 23:04  

pls upload it to mediafire i cant access the DL link plss...

tnx :D

bob otaku 06 June, 2012 01:25  

hey could you tell me how to make some windows 7 themes? I would really like to make some ^^ but not just the wallpaper but to know how to change the task bar and start menu etc.. thanks ^^

Not Fair 17 June, 2012 22:32  

erm, u may search through google, the only thing i can tell u is something call "Vista Style Builder" software.

pravash maharjan 26 July, 2012 12:29  

whats the password i am having trouble here

Scott de vries 18 July, 2013 18:58  

Q: How can i switch between the 2 start menu skins?

Trevor Van den Berg 19 July, 2013 02:04  

Awesome theme but are the two start menus also available on windows 7?, if so how can i change between them?

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