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May 8, 2011

This is the theme from Freezing animation, the author of the theme is using both Satellizer el Bridget & Lana Linchen as the model, so you will be seeing this two girls in the same theme. Freezing Theme was bought to you by Wei Dao.

This theme overall was ok, just that the Start logo has some problem, I wonder it is because of the SP1 problem, for your information I install this under the 7 SP1 x86 version. If you are not using SP1, do tell me is the start logo is same as the one that in the above preview picture. Oh ya, the patch for the SP1 please refer to my previous post, the link at below.

This is the Freezing theme look in the Windows XP. Actually I didn't watch this anime, is it good? I do read few chapter of the manga, but not my cup of tea.

XP version will be same as the 7, featuring both Satellizer el Bridget & Lana Linchen. Not much choice out there I guess. For the password, you can find under the author blog or below.

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Patch for Win 7 SP1
Win XP

ldzj by weidao

Theme XP

Theme 7

11 comment(s):

lolzorgz 08 May, 2011 12:18  

Freezing! Wow thanks!

ice_bean1987 08 May, 2011 17:21  

Woh~ That's it! Thank you very much ><

seira00100 10 May, 2011 17:22  

thanks for this amazing theme (^o^)/

Jan Joseph 18 May, 2011 22:49  

Thanks for the themes as always ^^

and looks like this will be added in my to watch list ^^

Harmon 29 May, 2011 02:12  

How do u patch the uxtheme.dll?

taurosen 08 June, 2011 21:02  

says the password at install is incorrect ldzj

StarGenesis 15 March, 2012 05:55  

Sorry can you upload the theme again. Thank yoy

heidern 22 March, 2012 13:28  

Is it possible for you to upload this theme for windows 7, all the link are dead.

OrochiDiX 01 May, 2012 07:22  

offline links, please reup ><

Jhodel Laranjo 21 July, 2012 19:11  

close button doesn't work

Dan Ballestero 10 January, 2013 09:27  

THe Anime Itself is pretty Good You should get it

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