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Apr 1, 2011

First of all, Happy April Fool to all of you ^^.

As promise, I have import the IS for Win XP & 7 theme, and it was created by Natsukyo. It was quite painful to download this few theme as my connection in this week is totally bad, as it will d/c every 5~10 min T.T

As alway Windows 7 theme that I repost for now will not fully usable under WIndows 7 SP1, if you are under Windows 7 SP1 version, you can skip the Shellchange/Guider part (which is responsible to modify the start button and add in folder background). If you have other solution please do share with us ^^.

If Windows 7 is like Windows XP which allow us to easily use the theme then will be awesome, but well hopefully the patch release soon. Anyway I do hope you guy like the theme.

That all for the theme, next theme most likely will be GOSICK, or maybe others.

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Win XP


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39 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 01 April, 2011 08:18  

At last! I've been waiting for this theme!! Thank yo- Oh ****! You almost fooled me! LOL

Not Fair 01 April, 2011 09:08  

Actually I want to fool you all lol, but well..

hopefully able to upload by today, because line getting d/c all the time, so :(...

Jan Joseph 01 April, 2011 09:34  

Well, it was a nice way of fooling the others, if they do not know about it, they will be pissed, for sure... Don't worry, you can upload them before the end of the day...

PURI 01 April, 2011 13:57  

Please give me The Website for Download !! Please (T-T)

seira00100 01 April, 2011 17:13  

thanks you very much :)
next time kore wa zombie desu ka? please ^^

leinheart 01 April, 2011 18:09  

Thanks a lot for all the themes!!! :)
can I request an this Theme plz?
cause i have problems dl it from the forum

Jan Joseph 01 April, 2011 18:20  

@Not Fair: When will it be available? I'm itching already to download it... ^^

seira00100 01 April, 2011 20:03  


Not Fair 01 April, 2011 22:42  

link is up :).
will away for few day, back hometown.

lolzorgz 01 April, 2011 23:13  

GAH another great theme! Thanks Not Fair :D

Jan Joseph 01 April, 2011 23:42  

It's about time to download it!!! Hurrah!~

Chass 02 April, 2011 06:28  

thanks always for the themes!
I'm surprised there hasn't been any WIN7 themes for the old stuff like F/SN, Little Busters, etc

maybe a Fate theme will come when Fate/Zero airs later this year :)

Eddy 02 April, 2011 18:39  

Is there a K-ON!! theme? :O

uzmi 02 April, 2011 21:14  

Thanks for this...
here hooping for more..
and realllyyy thanks for all themes

Adnan Uchiha 04 April, 2011 09:20  

Thank you very much...
I hope there's another great anime theme,especially XP :)

Yoshii-kun 04 April, 2011 18:02  

Finally I can change my theme! Thx!!!
Can I request for any Star Driver themes? ^^

seira00100 05 April, 2011 10:41  

I will waiting kore wa zombie desu ka? ^^

exsavezero 07 April, 2011 01:43  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Knightmare287 07 April, 2011 01:56  

man! i guess i need some help... why some of the features doesnt work on me? im using windows 7.. help please... tnx ^^

LaytonRen 07 April, 2011 18:17  

hm...the start thingy is ok after select shellchange thingy..after install the theme,it change to other theme...any solution for tis? Thx :)

bluesam20 08 April, 2011 06:45  

Does anyone know how to fix the Start Menu issue with this and the other anime themes?

Not Fair 09 April, 2011 21:52  

do you using Win7 SP1? or?

LaytonRen 10 April, 2011 12:32  

how to see either using win7 SP1 or not?? i ask my fren and thy say dun understand...

lightningtigerblade 12 April, 2011 11:31  

@LaytonRen control panel, system and security > system. If it says service pack 1 then youre on sp1.

bluesam20 12 April, 2011 15:36  

Yes I'm on SP1 now, the issues I had were before my update to SP1. The "Infinite Stratos" and "MM!" themes both have issues only with the start menus, they are distorted or in "IS" case the start menu is in the wrong place. They are too far away from the edge of the screen cutting-off text on the "right-side" of the menu. Sorry for being a pain, but this is really irritating! Thanks for any help.

Tezuka Raito Kun 13 April, 2011 23:32  

unnooo.. what is the password for intall the infinite stratos windows 7 then... huuuu... i cant install it....

アィフハキミ 14 April, 2011 07:19  

help me pls~
I've download it and install it...
but everytime I try to use the theme, the aero effects is disable and then it uses the old type of window colour like the old windows version...
pls help... thank you...

lndd2609 15 April, 2011 06:09  

No "close button" after 20sec ... help~

Tezuka Raito Kun 15 April, 2011 12:51  

what the install pasword ??
huhuhu... help meee......

Harmon 18 April, 2011 02:38  

So if SP1 doesnt support the Start Menu and add in folder background, what supports it?

Not Fair 08 May, 2011 11:54  

patch for SP1 found, but my case is the start logo is not as good as what it should be, or it only me...

Tomoya Yuruinura Asakuragi 23 May, 2011 08:41  

it works,thank's
it's very awesome
hope you make another theme 29 June, 2011 01:59  

it not change the folder background and start icon ... why ...?

pliss tell me how to fix this ...

62f9d0b6-b039-11e0-88cf-000bcdcb5194 17 July, 2011 13:57  

I think mine is a weird problem cause I have the start menu working fine and the banner for the folder is working well but the folder background is not working at all

Jonarudo 03 September, 2011 22:13  

the password seems to be incorrect i cant proceed any further >.<

i need assistance regarding on the pword problem....anything that can help is much appreciated!! >:D

zero 06 November, 2011 12:35  

sweet than x for the awesome theme but just makes me wonder if i can edit the pics in start n change the icons on the local drives... for some reason when i click a default icon local drive then click on the IF icon.. it shifts back to its default icon.. also is there a way to change the background pic on the folders to my liking? I'm usually seeing the same person in all folders loll

Kyloboy 26 January, 2012 11:25  

Can anyone please help me about my problem? I installed this theme on my Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 laptop, and I was able to install it properly, but I can't get my folder/window banners to show up even if I was able to make the Start Menu Button and the folder background work by manually changing the explorer.exe on C:\Windows, explorerframe.dll & shellstyle.dll in System32 & SysWOW64, and shellstyle.dll.mui in the en-US folders of System32 and SysWOW64. I can't use the 'Shellchanger' that was included in the installation of the theme because somehow it may be missing a file or something and it keeps forwarding me to instead. I badly want to apply the folder banner and see Charlotte Dunois there. I appreciate anyone who would mind to help me from my problem. Thank you very much!

Kazuma Ayasaki 20 August, 2012 09:16  

After clicked shell change there is no "install"

Kazuma Ayasaki 20 August, 2012 09:33  

@Kyloboy : my problem is same with u!

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