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Apr 9, 2011

I know many of you request different theme, but I will repost this GOSICK first, because it already being upload a week ago, same day of IS - -'. Now finally able to repost it :). Anyway, this theme was created by Natsukyo.

It seem like recently (start from 3 week ago), I unable to download the file from the usual forum ToT, keep d/c for the download (if the file is external link still manage to download), maybe my country ISP routing got issue. Hopefully it will be fine early.

This theme for now is only the special version from the author Natsukyo, there is also a normal version, already downloaded, but haven't upload so that one will be delay abit. The theme was use the manga version I think as the image source.

For your information, this Windows 7 theme for now only support in Windows 7 that before the SP1 version, those who have SP1 version will not able to use the ShellChange (or the Guider script), in other word, you will not able to use the background image in folder and also the start button. You can still use the theme, other area will be OK! That all :).

How to use the Theme?
Win 7
Win XP


Get the Theme
Win XP

Win 7

27 comment(s):

Jan Joseph 09 April, 2011 23:14  

Oh yeah! Another one, thanks for the upload, though i did not yet watch this series, but many said that it's good...

Not Fair 10 April, 2011 00:24  

Ya, I also heard it was good!

lightningtigerblade 10 April, 2011 06:26  
This comment has been removed by the author.
lightningtigerblade 10 April, 2011 06:27  

So no news at all on a w7 sp1 patch for the themes yet?

Harmon 11 April, 2011 14:09  

So I checked my computer and it's not SP1. I'm running on x64 bit, would that possibly affect something? When I tried to install MM!, I got these 4 chinese boxes and I dont know what to do because I click each other them and nothing happens.

seira00100 11 April, 2011 17:57  

thanks for this amazing theme ^^
next it will be great if kore wa zombie desu ka theme (^o^)/

Eternia 14 April, 2011 14:22  

"...this Windows 7 theme for now only support in Windows 7 SP1 version, those who have SP1 version will not able to use the..."
This sounds weird. Is it supported in Windows 7 SP1 or not?

Not Fair 14 April, 2011 21:31  

lol, thank for pointing out - -', my bad.

Adnan Uchiha 17 April, 2011 21:42  

wow another great theme, Thanks a lot...
I hope there's beelzebub or freezing theme ^^

tozymba 21 April, 2011 02:24  

Thanks, I was wondering if you could also get the Steins;Gate theme for win7?
much appreciated :)

アリフハキミ 23 April, 2011 11:27  

help me pls~
I've download it and install it...
but everytime I try to use the theme, the aero effects is disable and then it uses the old type of window colour like the old windows version...
pls help... thank you...

Chass 25 April, 2011 04:18  

^that means you haven't patched the uxtheme.dll

Chass 26 April, 2011 03:07  

@Not Fair: can you help me get these three themes?




thanks in advance

Erza 28 April, 2011 00:46  

it would be nice if u could make a code geass windows 7 theme with the geass logo

Erza 28 April, 2011 00:47  

i would be nice if you could make a code geass windows 7 theme with geass start menu logo

Supreme_pop 28 April, 2011 09:32  

I'm having trouble with a few themes where the start menu image is distorted (has a bleed effect at the bottom of some images) and for some reason i cant get the Kusugawa start button to show anymore. After i rebooted my Pc for some reason it went back to the original win 7 icon.

Supreme_pop 28 April, 2011 09:38  

is there anyway you can hook us me up with a Sora no Otoshimono win 7 theme? I tried looking online but ended up with ads for other stupid websites. Thanks

Fate Testarossa IBA 1D 02 May, 2011 05:19  

huhu the theme was so great :D
but how i wish there will be shukufuku no campanella theme next :(

Fate Testarossa Harlaown 02 May, 2011 05:25  

thanks, the theme was so great ^^
but how i wish there will be shukufuku no campanella theme for next time :(

Fate Testarossa Harlaown 02 May, 2011 05:49  

for user using win7 sp1 will have their aero effect disabled. . .
this could be tricked. . .
after the theme was installed, there should be a choice which is to start using the themes and the other one. . .
choose the other one and patch your OS. . .
mine was working properly even it was under SP1

Sai Nekosuki 06 May, 2011 23:30  

Thanks for this awesome GOSICK! ;D
I want to ask...
The background appear only in personalize menu just like in 2nd screenshot, but in the 3rd n 4th screenshot, is it a special version or I miss something when install it?

Not Fair 08 May, 2011 11:42  

it is Windows XP version...

BlindReader 10 May, 2011 21:23  

can you help me, suddenly the background picture for the folder is missing...
and the icon start button too...

but strangely the background for desktop and start menu is not missing...
can you help me?

Not Fair 15 May, 2011 22:58  

which version you referring to?

ao no 25 March, 2012 07:21  

what is the password for the installation of this theme plssss reply
huhu I really want this theme.

emeige_06 29 March, 2012 17:48  

thanks for this! I Hope you can do pandora hearts theme and shugo chara theme to for windows 7 :) thank you! :D

kevin fabre 25 June, 2013 17:35  

can anyone please help me i tried many times to instal themes but they dont work i have windows 7 64-bit i want to instal Sora no Otoshimono Theme

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