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Mar 27, 2011

Finally found this Madoka Magica Win 7 theme, as well as XP theme :). Well, Madoka Magica this anime is very famous now, so many of you might want it too :). I also remember some of you have suggest to bring this theme over ^^. FYI, this theme was create by Natsukyou.

And also, the Win7 theme I think that replace theme tool (guider or shellchange) is not usable in Win7 SP1, but, you can try using other tool (I dunno the name) to replace the "Explorer.exe", "ExplorerFrame.dll", and etc, you may see this old post for example. Please note that I have not using this method so I dunno what is the end result.

I know this anime is very famous in this season, but I only watch one episode and currently on hold. Well, actually lot of anime currently enter my on hold list, those are waiting to one shot finish ^^. By the way, is this anime really that good?

This is the XP preview. Since XP theme is spotted, by same author, so I share it with you guy as well. The theme password you may find it in Natsukyou blog or below. Next theme might be IS, or GoSick, or etc etc.

Ok, this time I need some help. Do you guy know where (forum or website) has the information of those famous Anime Quote/Saying by the characters? I already search few, but I need more of this thing, if you happen to see it or know where to find please share with me the link, need Japanese or English or Chinese version of the Quote/Saying. Appreciate the help, and thank you first ^^.

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Wojciech 27 March, 2011 06:47  

You should try Wikiquote: probalby has the most of them and should be quite accurate. That's the site I use when I'm not sure about some quotes and it has proven to be a decent choice.

my_pain 27 March, 2011 09:25  

Big Thanks for the XP theme <3

Jan Joseph 27 March, 2011 09:43  

I'll be waiting for the win 7 theme to be uploaded... Another great upload to come...

Jan Joseph 27 March, 2011 20:07  

Great! Downloading it right now...

Eddy 27 March, 2011 20:40  

Hey, I've encountered this problem while trying to change the start button and background using shellchange.
I ran it as admin and this is what happened:

And the start menu also had a problem:

Can you help me out? :D

Jan Joseph 27 March, 2011 21:41  

@Eddy: Are you using Win 7 w/ sp1 package? If yes, that will happen, if not, it will work properly. BTW, I haven't yet install mine, so maybe I can encounter the same problem with yours... Mine is Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit (x86)

Not Fair 27 March, 2011 22:11  


Ya, Jan Joseph is correct, this error will come out when your Win 7 is SP1, I encountered as well. Im not sure when only the patch release by the team, so for now is too bad...

Eddy 27 March, 2011 22:14  

@Jan Joseph: Ah, yes.
Thanks for the tip (:
Mine is the same as yours too.

@Not Fair: Oh okay.
Anyway cool blog, and thanks ^^
Can you post an update if there is a patch? :D

Not Fair 27 March, 2011 22:46  

I will update it when the patch out, I do hope they update fast :(.

Eddy 27 March, 2011 22:49  

Many thanks ^^
I can see the urge too, ahaha.

Not Fair 27 March, 2011 23:08  

actually you can still use it now, just that the 'Start button' and folder background not working.

Not Fair 27 March, 2011 23:09  

Thank for the link.

lolzorgz 29 March, 2011 20:46  

I hope you can get Gosick, Infinite Stratos and Fractale from the blog when you have time :D

seira00100 31 March, 2011 16:03  

thanks for this amazing theme ^o^/
I hope you will soon create kore wa zombie desu ka or infinite stratos ^o^
good luck :)

Gino 31 March, 2011 17:32  

Arigatou!!! sukkoku hoshi

Mr.Milf 16 March, 2012 01:42  

It wont let me download this theme... :((

emeige_06 29 March, 2012 17:33  

I really don't get it. :| i really wnt to download ths but i am confused. what link should i go to and what should i download first? help anyone? -_-

Gabriel 14 July, 2012 09:28  

Can u re-upload please?
I really couldn't download from easy share, and the other links r off D:

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