Japan Earthquake

Mar 15, 2011

I'm sure everyone already heard or seen the news of what happen in Japan few days ago until now, which hits by one of the largest earthquake and follow by a attack of Tsunami. Many area and people affected by this natural disaster. Moreover I saw the news the supply already running low. For those who wish to do their contribution, can try to make a donation to those trusted charities like Global Giving, Japanese Red Cross or you can refer to here. If you unable to donate, you can pray for them, what important is the heart.

Sorry for my bad English.

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Jan Joseph 15 March, 2011 20:01  

They will recover for sure, and I hope that they will stop the nuclear crisis they are facing...

郑君 / Xlove妳 19 March, 2011 07:35  

I support them with my Dying Will, trust them with my Dying Will and fight for them with my Dying Will ^^ I am working on certain events with my friends to raise the fund for Japan.

Not Fair 19 March, 2011 08:42  

I also hope they will recover as soon as possible. but now I think Japan need everyone help :).

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