Dragon Crisis (ROSE) Windows 7 & XP Theme

Mar 15, 2011

This time round the theme was come from the anime series Dragon Crisis which focus on Rose. This theme was created and bought to you by Weidao (Taste).

For your information, so far this replace file script ('guider', which will be found after you install the theme), will not able to use in the Windows 7 SP1, you may try to use other method to replace the file if you know how, but I'm not sure it working or not (risk wise I dunno), use it at your own risk.

To use the Windows 7 theme please refer this here.

Win 7


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matniky 15 March, 2011 07:31  

did you stop for xp themes?? i still use xp (and 7) i swap after a while but i havent seen any lately

Not Fair 15 March, 2011 09:06  

nop, actually just didn't repost. Since u need, I will upload ;).

lolzorgz 15 March, 2011 10:40  

Thanks again for the great upload ;) Any idea if there's one for Gosick and Madoka Magica?

lolzorgz 15 March, 2011 10:59  

Wow it turned everything (installed themes) into Windows classic. How do I go about with this?

Not Fair 15 March, 2011 19:04  

I saw both of the theme u mention.

Huh, Windows Classic? which version u installing? I only tested it under x86 version of Windows 7 so Im not sure on the x64.

Jan Joseph 15 March, 2011 19:58  

He might updated his OS to SP1... Which might cause his problem... I will try the theme if the problem will occur too...

Jan Joseph 15 March, 2011 20:58  

So far so good, no major problems encountered, just a minor one. When I right click the desktop because I want to refresh it, I've noticed that when I've highlighted a couple of selection (e.g. Refresh, Sort by, View, etc.), it will remain highlighted. Anyone encountered this kind of problem?? Well, it doesn't bother me at all...

lolzorgz 15 March, 2011 22:27  

I'm using x86 as well but after running the theme, all my installed themes turned into the classic windows theme :<

Chass 16 March, 2011 03:27  

installed themes turning into classic windows means that your uxtheme.dll is not patched...This might be because u used sfc or chkdsk

If that is the case, "unpatch" and restart the PC. Then patch, and restart again...I know that that's a lot of restarts, but that's the only way it worked for me

lolzorgz 16 March, 2011 15:54  

Yah fixed all problems with repatching. Was about to post that here but you did already anyway. I just ran the patcher and rebooted once.

ice_bean1987 18 March, 2011 12:58  

I want to request for certain anime series themes for Window 7 like Sekirei, Freezing, Princess Lover, Asobi ni Ikuyo! & Rosario + Vampire @@ I hope you don't mind and if you do, then just ignore my request ><

Manggy 19 March, 2011 03:05  

whit it Password set Up ????

Manggy 19 March, 2011 03:08  

No pass word Rs. . . .in set up

Manggy 19 March, 2011 03:12  

ไม่มีระหัส setup อะ

Not Fair 19 March, 2011 08:40  

^ password is under user agreement. or use this >
longzhijiedianluosi <

Not Fair 19 March, 2011 08:41  

it not like has all the theme exist, if I saw some of the one you mention, I will try to repost it ;)

Not Fair 19 March, 2011 08:50  

^Jan Joseph
and also the right click background when highlight the wording, it look bad :(.

Kaguya Katsura 19 March, 2011 11:03  

Cute I've gotta try this one

ice_bean1987 19 March, 2011 22:39  

@Not Fair
It's okay! ^^ Thank you for sharing so many animes ~ I am grateful with those >< ありがとう

Ridhi Web Expert 27 March, 2011 14:04  

How can I liven up my poor little mini yellow rose on my window sill?
Silver MLM

Adnan Uchiha 27 March, 2011 15:43  

Thanks for themes but I have bit problem.
There's something wrong in XP theme,after waiting 15 sec installing I cant find "close" button for finished instal, can some1 help me....

Not Fair 27 March, 2011 18:06  

Are you mean the Start button?

If you can see the close, press Alt-F4 i think will help.

Harmon 04 April, 2011 07:22  

My computer also turned into Windows XP. When I try to patch it, 4 chinese box comes up and it wasn't part of the instructions that the admin showed up. I got my dad to translate it, but it made no sense to me at all. Can I get some help, please?

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