Samurai Girls Windows 7 Theme

Feb 26, 2011

Hi again, this is another update after a few weeks of hibernation. This is come from the anime series call Samurai Girls, I'm not sure how good this anime is, because I only watch 1st episode, but at least the style is quite unique, that what attract me, but still I currently put it on hold. Anyway is this a good series?

Ok, back to topic. This Windows 7 theme was created by Natsukyo, if you want to see other theme you may go to the author blog for more, those 7 theme before November last year (2010) will not work fine, which mean need lots of extra step to achieve (this apply to the Team Zero theme...).

That all for this theme. Now think of next theme, erm... dunno yet, probably will be random :). Oh ya, if you dunno how to use this theme, please refer to this article. And last, get the girls via below link.

via here:


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Chass 27 February, 2011 09:24  

thanks...Hyakka Ryouran feels kinda like ikkitousen

Jan Joseph 27 February, 2011 13:37  

Woah! Nice One! Thanks for the theme...

I would like to suggest Fate/Stay Night or If there is an "IS:Infinite Stratos" Win 7 Theme, if you wouldn't mind...

Jan Joseph 28 February, 2011 22:04  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jan Joseph 28 February, 2011 22:25  

I've got a problem with this theme, when I type something at the "Search programs and files" box in the Start Menu, there's no background on it, and guess what? It's SEE THROUGH! I can even click what's behind on it... Anyone knows my problem?? I haven't tried the them in other system aside from my laptop...

EDIT: Here's a link to the screenshot:

lolzorgz 28 February, 2011 23:55  

Wow, it's been a while since you last uploaded. Thanks again!

lolzorgz 02 March, 2011 23:14  

@Jan Joseph - try reinstalling. make sure you do the recommended installation first. if it still does not work, it's probably your system.

rikumoon123 04 March, 2011 09:59  

you should go with to love ru theme yuuki mikan for the win

Jan Joseph 04 March, 2011 18:56  

@rikumoon123 - that would be nice

@lolzorgz - no matter where I install it, it's still the same...

lolzorgz 10 March, 2011 08:34  

@Jan Joseph - I just had that problem recently when I tried to use the run/search bar. whenever i type something, the whole menu disappears yet the hover effect is still there.

Not Fair 14 March, 2011 23:58  

it might be a unknown bug - -' ...

ha5tur 27 March, 2011 20:52  

Wonderful theme! Tell me please where can I get it for windows xp?

Not Fair 27 March, 2011 22:12  

I also not sure there is a XP theme. If you understand chinese, you may go to these forum have a look.

Not Fair 27 March, 2011 23:16  

Now i remember, the author of this theme also got create the XP version. Will upload it by this week I guess...

ha5tur 01 April, 2011 01:15  

Please upload if you can =)

The Joker 04 April, 2011 18:39  

Please upload link MediaFire :(

The Joker 04 April, 2011 18:41  

Please upload link MediaFire :(

Not Fair 09 April, 2011 21:52  

sorry, my line will not able to success when upload it to MediaFire...

The XP theme will be delay because I unable to download it from their site...

Jrmy 22 May, 2011 18:11  

can we use the shell changes on Windows 7 64-bit?

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