Kousaka Kirino (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai) Windows 7 Theme

Jan 25, 2011

Although anime already end, here is the Kousaka Kirino from Ore no Imouto Windows 7 theme, (actually want to upload this before end of December last year). FYI, theme was bought to you by Natsukyo.

Too bad there is only Kirino's theme available, actually I want a Kuroneko theme! Anyway, to use this theme is quite simple, you may refer this post for the instruction. As you might know, usually I repost Team Zero theme, because the method they provide to install the theme is easier, but no worry, when I got time I will share other group's theme as well (many nice theme can be found via other group >.<), because need rewrite another guide to use the theme.

I hope you all like this theme.

My mistake to not include the password, really sorry everyone.


Easy Share
File Factory

24 comment(s):

Chass 26 January, 2011 04:22  

nice, thanks for another win7 theme :)
BTW, what was the password to install?

Jan Joseph 26 January, 2011 16:26  

Thanks! I was waiting for this theme to come...

Kaguya Katsura 27 January, 2011 19:40  

I am addicted to Kirino!

Prim`s 30 January, 2011 07:37  

nice theme, but i think i'll just wait for kuroneko one, if it ever comes XD

Not Fair 31 January, 2011 23:50  

OMG, I thought I already included... sorry, my mistake...

yoseph_bagas 02 February, 2011 00:10  

Why when i installed it after i waited for 20 seconds there wasn't the close button anywhere?
Please help me
(sorry for my bad english, i'm asian)

Joelglez94 04 February, 2011 14:07  

i have a question, when it finishes to extract the file, it tells me that i hsould close, but i cant

Not Fair 06 February, 2011 15:23  

actually after 20second, just press enter will do...

Kaguya Katsura 08 February, 2011 18:13  

After 20 seconds I press Alt+F4 and works fine

Mark Francis 17 February, 2011 14:59  

please download this
its kuruneko >.<



Not Fair 26 February, 2011 17:21  

for your information, Im not sure it working fine or not, because it was release before the script patch come out, so to install this might need a details discussion... I got time will do it...

Syrus 27 March, 2011 16:05  

thanks for this! XDD
can you make it into win XP theme???
i don't use win 7 at all ==a

Not Fair 27 March, 2011 18:06  

Im not the one who make the theme, if I saw XP theme I will share it.

kirino 18 April, 2011 09:37  

if you have another ore no imoto theme plzz share i really want it all XD

kirino 18 April, 2011 09:41  

i really happy if you share more theme that is my favorite anime

kirino 18 April, 2011 09:48  

i am a new member i just join the day i comment and thx u for share this theme i really like it and if you have more ore no imoto theme plzzz share i like them very much

Lucy 18 April, 2011 10:08  

thx you for upload this theme and i hope you will upload more them. and i always think that i the only otaku in asia but now i know there also alot of otaku in asia beside japan.and thx XD

Lucy 18 April, 2011 10:17  

thx u for upload this theme i really like it and if you have more plzz upload it all i will download it all and i always this that i the only otaku in asia beside japan and now i know there are alot of people like me XD

Joseph Avegail 03 June, 2011 02:17  

Ahmm... Why don't I have Kirino on the lower right of my Windows? The outcome was not the same as your screenshot. PLease help. Thanks

Joseph Avegail 03 June, 2011 02:55  

I tried uninstalling it and re-installing but "Kirino" is still not on my window. Other features are working fine,though. Please help.

Unknown 11 August, 2011 00:22  

I need help. I downloaded and everythings there/works fine except when I open a window, pictures of Kirino aren't there. Can u tell me how to fix this? (Like when I open up a folder or my Computer) http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_p0xfwCMKWKg/TT7fhGB481I/AAAAAAAAHh0/4F46yZQUhpQ/s1600/Kirino+02.jpg

Osaka 06 March, 2012 02:03  

how can i have that "imouto" start button like you? because i still got windows7 original button
and folder background too

Senelion 18 April, 2012 18:44  

It says, Your Already downloading the file....

Why it says that? even I didn't download any file from Easy Share

Im requesting for other links for download like Mediafire if posibble :D

Thanks in advance

ck 07 July, 2013 00:39  

I can't found any link to download, anyone can help me?

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