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Dec 25, 2010

Hi everyone, I know many of you thought I was already gone or dead, but I still alive. Sorry to not reply comment cause busy and not login to blogger at all, truly sorry. I guess I really need to improve my time management skill (I think I mention before (>_<)'. Anyway, wish everyone a Merry X'mas ~ To celebrate Merry X'mas, I also include a X'mas Windows 7 theme :).

This X'mas theme from bought to you by NatsuKyo, and it is also support in both x86 and x64. It is a single installer file, but the way it use is same in both x86 and x64 system. From now on I think most of the Team Zero theme will able to use in both system.

Since it is now patch with newest version of 'Shellchange', it mean some step has change as well, but it is not a big change, it just make it more easy. Step below.

Guide & Step
  1. Download the package, extract it anywhere you like.
  2. Right-click the installer and select 'Run as Administrator' in the extracted content.
  3. Language selection pop-up, select English (or you can try other language, I dunno it work or not).
  4. Follow on screen instruction and just press next until password section. Note: some password is at the previous step which inside the user-agreement, but some has different password. In this theme there is a different password, therefore please copy below password to use, or visit the author blog for password.
  5. In 'Select Start Menu Folder' step, if there is a unknown character name in the text field please change it to any word (not important).
  6. Then just follow the instruction and next until the wait 20sec, this 20sec is to extract the file to ready for the installation (I'm not too sure as well).
  7. After 20sec, then press close button to start the installer. If you can't find any "close" button, try to press "Enter" to continue, if can't then try "Alt + F4".
  8. At the last step, please un-check 2nd option and check the first option (just like below image does), then press finish.

  9. It will prompt you a new windows which consist of 4 buttons, if direct translate this option call 'Zero Team Windows 7 Theme Detector' (I know it is quite lame, if you have any better translation do let me know ^^). Actually it consist of Shellchange & Themepatcher. Continue next section for details.
  10. Note: if you see a pop-up something with '....Denied..', mean you did not run it as administrator, so you need to use another way to do it, discuss at 'Windows 7 Theme Detector' step below.

Windows 7 Theme Detector
I have include original and translated buttons screenshot for you guy, please take it as refer.

Version 1.0

Here got 4 buttons. To enter this windows (or this detector), you got 2 option, either follow the 'Installer' step or you can go to the theme folder ("C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\**theme name** \ShellChange"), then right-click the 'Guider.exe' and select 'Run as Administrator'.

Version 2.20 (updated on 12-Feb-2012)
There is two new buttons added from the version 1, but not affect the usage, just be careful not to press wrong button(s).

Theme Patcher Button
If your Windows 7 already using or used some third party theme before, most likely you are already patched so you can skip this button. Or else, please press it to continue, here will not discuss the step, you can go HERE to read the step.

FYI, if your OS did not patch with theme patcher, you will unable to use any of this theme, most likely your window will become basic classic theme if you apply the theme.

Shellchange Button
This 'Shellchange' button is to help you to replace some file which to display the beautiful skin (like the start button, folder background and so on), the file going to replaced are the 'explorer.exe', ExplorerFrame.dll and so on.
  1. Press the 'Shellchange' button it will prompt you a new Windows. Again, I will include a original and translate version screenshot.

  2. Then next, you just require to press the only button (Install button), this program will help you replace those needed file and backup the original file. After that when it is replace successfully, it will prompt you a windows and then it will ask you for restart (my case is automatic restart).
  3. By now you should see some changes, if the theme come with the 'Start Button' skin, the 'Start Button' now will already been replace by the theme skin.
  4. After restart, you can go to 'Personalization' to change the installed theme. Can be access via desktop > right-click > Personalize or Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization.
  5. In Personalization, select the installed theme, and you system will change to the theme that you selected. You should able to see folder background, start menu background, and etc.

Read Me button
This button you can ignore, it just a few lines of sentence that describe why you unable to use the theme, which I already explain.

A.C.G. Forum button
Aiks, I miss out the 'DIY' word (A.C.G. DIY Forum). Anyway, not a big deal, this button will lead you to the forum when you press on it. You can visit the forum if you want.

Shell File Checker (version 2.20)
Seriously I'm not sure this is for what use, I will update again when I know what is it.

Theme Resource Link (version 2.20)
A url link to the forum theme resource page.

Restore to Original
After you run the Shellchange, your Windows start button was changed, to restore to the original skin, you just require to do some simple step.
  1. Go to "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\**theme name** \ShellChange".
  2. Right-click the 'Guider.exe' and 'Run as Administrator'.
  3. Then select 'Shellchange' button, this time it will prompt you a different Windows (a button extra).
  4. Then, press the 'restore' button.
  5. It will prompt you something, just press ok, and it will automatic restart your computer, if not, please restart it manually.
  6. After restart, when you enter your OS, you will see a extra icon on your desktop. After some version of the guider, this file will not exist, so just skip this step if you can't see any of this file.
  7. All you need to do is double-click it (best is to run as 'administrator'). Then it will prompt you a new windows with a button
  8. Press this button (which mean 'Clean'), to clean the extra file that still inside the folder (I'm not too sure as well).
  9. Done!
Uninstall the Theme
To uninstall the theme, it is rather easy, but Please Do Not Uninstall the theme when you still using the theme or haven't do the restore process (refer to 'Restore to Original'). Please remember to change it back to the original or other theme (access via Personalization), and do the restore process then only do the uninstall.
  1. To uninstall the theme, go and press the file in the Start Menu > All Programs > **Theme Name** > "Uninstall **Theme Name**".
  2. Windows pop-up and just follow the instruction.
  3. Done!

Before go into download, there is a known issue, I dunno why the theme has the black line box inside the folder, but the screenshot from the author is not having such problem, weird, if anyone of you did not get the black line box please do let me know, or if you know how to fix it also do let me know ^^.


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Note: Please use it at your own risks

29 comment(s):

Kaguya Katsura 23 February, 2011 12:07  

kawaii i think I will use it on another Xmas :P

Not Fair 26 February, 2011 17:16  

there is alway next Xmas :)

gam3r4lyf3 18 March, 2011 12:17  

I'm using Home Premium and I don't see any start menu customized and also all of my folders is just one design for the Kirino theme and all the others. Plus I'm missing that acgdiyscript thing when I download it and install it. I just get the background themes and sound. Is there any way to fix this?

Not Fair 19 March, 2011 08:43  

^ reinstall and remove the install one, then do the step again if the ACGDIYSCRIPT is missing.

kirino 18 April, 2011 09:56  

it nice to fine out that there is an otaku just like me in asia so i not alone after all

Endless 24 July, 2011 07:56  

When i press the button install from the shellchange, it deletes explorer.exe. I use the Kamisama's shellchange.

angel 09.ü. 12 August, 2011 22:10  

where can I find the close button after the 20 sec count down in Astarotte no Omocha??

Not Fair 14 August, 2011 14:22  

ALT-F4 after reach 20 second.

Daniel 01 September, 2011 21:51  

I do not work the "shellchange" when I install it gives me an error that tells me to deny the path I have tried several times but nothing .. could someone help me?

Tingkait 11 September, 2011 19:49  

Hiii, Im quite new to this thing so, i was stuck at the second step. I downloaded the file and it was in .7z format and I can't "run as adminstrator" helppppppp

MarcusWon 17 November, 2011 17:26  

what is the psw ??? me cannot find leh><

Lexes 03 February, 2012 00:10  

I accidentally removed the universal patch files before I removed the shell. Now my pc starts up with a black screen and it says Shell32.dll is missing. How do I fix this?

SourLime 29 February, 2012 11:15  

I don't get the Pics inside of the explorer windows. Like how they are in the 3rd picture on this page.

Help please QQ

nobody 07 April, 2012 21:41  

i totally lose shell32.dll how do u fix this ?

Not Fair 08 April, 2012 16:30  

if u lose Shell32.dll, then sorry I can't help. my way usually is restore...maybe you can search around google for solution.

Lexes 15 April, 2012 08:06  

I keep having this problem, whenever I change the shells and restart my pc it works just fine but on the next restart it says Shell32.dll is missing every time, its getting annoying to keep using system restore on my pc. Is there any anyway to fix this problem?

Syiboi 06 May, 2012 00:18  

I also lose my shell32.dll

Could this be because I'm using a x64bit OS?

Not Fair 13 May, 2012 22:19  

should be not the x64 problem, cause I also using x64 all the way...

actually if missing, there is one way, but need to go to the windows safemode + command prompt, need to press F8 after bios screen, until windows show you the option.

then wait it load, take sometime for me. after awhile you will see the command prompt appear. But, Im not sure this will work or not, and dunno what is the side effect as well, logically show be no problem.

important is to type in this few lines:

1.copy %SystemRoot%\ACGDIYBAK\shell32.dll %SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll

2.copy %SystemRoot%\ACGDIYBAK\ExplorerFrame.dll %SystemRoot%\system32\ExplorerFrame.dll

3.copy %SystemRoot%\ACGDIYBAK\Explorer.dll %SystemRoot%\Explorer.dll

4.shutdown /r

あかたうりゅう 29 May, 2012 14:23  

y when i use the theme my windows will change 2 windows basic theme???

dffsf 02 June, 2012 00:33  

ok so I uninstalled this theme, and the star/skull on the start menu button is still there!!! please help me!! I tried everything and this darn star/skull won't leave!!! I want to install other themes but I can't because of this!!! what to i do!!

michael blog 03 June, 2012 15:01  

what the name of the song in the opening theme

Not Fair 17 June, 2012 22:47  

did you install and use the patch be4 use the theme? the uxtheme pacther?

be4 u uninstall, u didnt do any revert with the guider? u require to go through the step to restore the original... and if I meet that situation, I will restore the whole OS. maybe got other way, i dunno ;)

not sure.

Jia Jiunn Chin 05 August, 2012 12:50  

Where can i download the window 7 theme detector?

Orgil 21 August, 2012 21:23  

what was that uxtheme patcher ?

J-curse 29 August, 2012 18:58  

when i click on install on the guider, it says "unable to find specific file" any ideas why?

Reza Nur 09 September, 2012 08:11  

Hi,how did i change the Windows 7 Theme detector to English languange?
i don't understand chinese

yukie ryuji 06 February, 2013 22:07  

thanks you so mean.....Go go otaku !! Fire !!

Weeraphat Saejoen 22 June, 2013 01:47  

I can't use the "ShellChange", could someone please help. Thank You

Scott de vries 18 July, 2013 18:33  

Q: For the custom theme I downloaded there are 2 different start menu skins included, how can I switch between the two of them?

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