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Nov 14, 2010

Here is the promise Yosuga no Sora Windows 7 theme that I mention from previous XP Theme. Not sure how many of you like Yosuga no Sora, but anyway if you like then use it. Credit go to the author - Taste, you can also visit Taste blog for other theme ^^.

The theme is similar to other Windows 7 theme that I share before, if you not sure how to use this theme, please go to this guide for the step. But you are require to do a extra few step to get it work, please read below step as well.

After you download the package, a compress file. Inside got a Installer and a 'ShellChange (fixed).rar' file. To install the theme just execute the Installer or you can go to the guide for the step. During the installation, at the last step, you will require to wait for 20second for the close button to appear, unfortunately, this installer a bit buggy, and you wont able to see any close button (refer to below picture).

So what you need to do is, you unselect the installation windows (press you desktop once), then press the installation window(above picture) again, then hit your 'Enter/Return' on your keyboard, then it will start the final installation.

Before you do the ShellChange step, please extract the 'ShellChange (fixed)' and copy the files that inside of that compress file then paste it into the theme folder - C:\Windows\Resources\Theme\'The Theme'\ShellChange (or follow this guide to go into that ShellChange folder). After overwrite the file, just follow the guide to execute the 'ShellChange.exe' file.

FYI, this 'ShellChange.exe' is to help you exchange the theme 'explorer.exe', 'ExplorerFrame.dll' and 'shell32.dll' with the original 'explorer.exe', 'ExplorerFrame.dll', and 'shell32.dll' so that it can display the folder background and so on. The ShellChange is actually similar to those Windows Theme Installer, which allow you to replace the 'explorer.exe', 'ExplorerFrame.dll', 'shell32.dll' and etc file, but ShellChange is more convenient because it automatic replace it for you ^^.

After you execute the 'ShellChange.exe' successfully, you will see some changes on your window (refer to above picture), a black box border show in the window. When you see this mean the ShellChange is working fine. Don't ask me why got the border, this theme is like that. Please be remind that if you no longer like the theme, don't uninstaller it right away, do the restoration for the ShellChange first or else the black border will stay forever, you can read this step to restore the ShellChange.

The ShellChange "Access Path Denied" actually use me around 4 hours to find the problem >.<' (countless restart and restore, but thank to the power of VMware), then the script fixed by the leader of Team Zero fzhsow (the ShellChange also created by him). This patch actually is not yet release ^^, so guy you should be happy. The only problem is dunno why their Windows 7 has no problem to use it (before fixed version), but we got the "Access Path Denied" problem. Oh well, who care as long as now we can use it. Anyway credit go to fzhsow for the fixed!

If you want x64 version please read at the comment, Chass has uploaded the x64 version :). Thank Chass ~

Download (link updated!)
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53 comment(s):

Not Fair 14 November, 2010 13:54  

The solution for other Windows 7 theme ShellChange will be coming soon >.<'

Chass 16 November, 2010 02:01  

dammit, another theme installer for x86 only...

Anyway, I unpacked it and edited them so that it can run in x64. There's no longer any need to wait 20 seconds, but there's two error messages at the end. Just press ok, and it should work fine. Note that I never used the shell change though..Also edited the fatefan one for x64 and removed pw..

The only problem is, I removed the uxtheme patcher, so just use UXTheme Multi-Patcher 7.1 beforehand or something...

Here are the links for x64 bit installers for this theme and the two fatefan themes...no wait, no password :)

Yosuga x64

bakemonogatari x64

ToHeart x64

Not Fair 16 November, 2010 10:03  


Ya, so far not supporting x64 yet, but soon will but dunno when. Thank for the x64 release Chass ^^.

Chass 17 November, 2010 06:02  

yep, it seems like OEM laptops nowadays only come in x64 Win 7, so I just did it lol

Not Fair 17 November, 2010 16:16  

ya,now adays most OEM also come with x64. Since now the theme not yet had x64 support, need to you to modify the installer ^^.

BTW, how to convert the installer? or after you install then u use those installed file and compile again into a installer?

Chass 27 November, 2010 03:46  

no, actually, the problem is not in the theme files themselves. It's on the integrated dll patcher that's only for x86...I just removed it and edited the .iss file to accept x64 architecture...

BTW, I looked at Taste's blog and it seems he's got some nice themes...Wanna tell me how to find and dl them? (since I can't read chinese, I just saw screenshots that's posted recently XD)

lightningtigerblade 28 November, 2010 14:44  

Hey chass, your mv link for this seems to be down.

kirisame_yuki 03 December, 2010 12:05  

When the extracting part reach sencond 16, it freezes and not respond. Any1 know how to fix it???

Prim`s 09 December, 2010 03:05  

oh no the files got deleted, seems i'm too late to download >.<
care to re-upload? thanks before

choi 16 December, 2010 23:43  

please reupload/fix the link for the x64 and x86 versions of yosuga no sora win7 theme. .

i really want to download this. :(

Kaguya Katsura 17 December, 2010 11:46  

pls reupload again the file

WAT 18 December, 2010 01:11  

Coul you reupload it?

วศิน 24 December, 2010 01:12  

Now. Link's death
please upload again

Not Fair 25 December, 2010 13:08  

ya lot of nice theme @.@', I try to bring over if I got time >.<'

Not Fair 25 December, 2010 13:15  

do you still have the copy of this installer for x86 and x64?

sorry guy, I do not have the copy, so can't reupload. Damn I wonder why they remove it...

Not Fair 25 December, 2010 13:19  

oh wait, I think I found the copy. Reuploading... but Im not sure it is the same version as the one I upload previously..

Chass 26 December, 2010 01:55  

hmmm...I wonder why it died so fast...I'll reupload those three...
I don't have any x86 ones, sorry ^^"


Not Fair 26 December, 2010 14:44  


Nvm, I found the x86 already :).

I think it being deleted by the hosting provider...

Not Fair 26 December, 2010 14:45  

Thank for the reupload :)

lolzorgz 26 December, 2010 15:42  

Thank you very much for reuploading! And Happy Holidays ^_^

Chass 27 December, 2010 06:05  

there's no reason for deletion >.< it's not as if it's illegal or something...

btw, found any angel beats theme for win7?

Kaguya Katsura 01 January, 2011 14:40  

Thats what I liked, its updated

btw I've got Kanade Tachibana, MM and Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai themes for windows 7 in yhe link you've gave

waiting for bakemonogatari windows 7 theme to add in my theme collection

cinceprutie 12 January, 2011 11:24  

@not fair

Can you please upload the x86 version?

Dakuro 18 February, 2011 00:33  

Lovely, thanks for sharing. =3

b24edaf0-3d69-11e0-8b38-000bcdca4d7a 21 February, 2011 11:22  

Im still cant seem to get the close part down, i followed the direction of press on the desktop and then the setup and press enter, but it still wont close? any help im running on x86

Not Fair 26 February, 2011 17:16  

I using the same way and it work.

Or you can also press the enter when after 20 second, make sure the window is active

Star 16 March, 2011 22:54  

Hi Friend
I Can't find the password to instal.
Can you post it.
Thank you

william 19 March, 2011 07:06  

i can use the shellChange it doesn't start

william 19 March, 2011 07:10  

i can't use the shellchange, can somebody help me, i followed the tutorials but its not working

Deovandski Skibinski junior 02 April, 2011 12:00  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dimitri 23 April, 2011 19:49  

sorry Chass, can you give the password?
I can't find here. .

Deovandski Skibinski junior 17 July, 2011 20:52  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Not Fair 19 July, 2011 10:15  

did you use the "ShellChange (fixed)" version? and paste it correctly into this folder?

S0M 26 July, 2011 08:02  

Hm have a little problem, its only the background which changes, but the window goes classic mode... Anybody know what i have done wrong. I used the 64x theme

S0M 30 July, 2011 08:29  
This comment has been removed by the author.
.. 01 August, 2011 03:13  

what is the password plz !!

tachibana kanade 18 October, 2011 02:27  

who gt tachibana kanade theme for win7 cn share?

Takashi Omega 03 January, 2012 04:10  

Please someone help me, I try to install Win7 Theme Yosuga no Sora but he asked for a password if anyone knows the password please tell me thank you !!!!!

Takashi Omega 14 January, 2012 01:11  

sorry but someone can give me
the password please!!!

SniperDoux 30 January, 2012 06:33  

Sa marche pas ><

Bon sang faut une version x64 ! =='

羽山明 04 February, 2012 03:19  

I want Yosuga no Sora Theme x64 Windows 7 SP1.
Please reupload in mediafire (link from megaupload was corrupt)

Keith 18 March, 2012 00:31  

can upload agn on mediafire for x64? the link cant use

Tri-Edge 16 June, 2012 21:43  

I've searched Taste's blog and found the password!.
The password is : bbs.acgdiy.com
(not sure about the x64 version)

Billie Lorendo 13 July, 2012 12:10  

can anyone upload the x64 bit Yosuga no Sora theme please? :( i had changed my windows 7 to 64 bit already.... the x86 i downloaded won't work on my 64 bit

Poopers 23 August, 2012 19:13  

Can you just upload the shellchange only

dhiyauddin01 08 December, 2012 21:36  

please can anyone upload for window7 64 bits...
i try before then my computer crash and i need format my laptop..
: (
if can want to download using mediafire

dhiyauddin01 08 December, 2012 22:11  

click this link..
they also have for 64bits

ThatGuy 21 December, 2012 09:49  

could someone please reupload the x64 version of this?? the link above hasnt got it btw....

Chopinzzz 22 January, 2013 16:26  

Please help me...
I've installed the theme thoroughly, though the folder background, start menu background and the other features wouldn't change except for the desktop image and the black border. Though now, I changed my win7 theme back to the default theme, however the black border won't disappear... I think I've missed a step or so, I've restored the files with ShellChange, but the black border just couldn't disappear! Is there any solution to this?? Or maybe explain the issue that the folder background and features wouldn't change after patching and all?? Please help, help is truly appreicated.

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