Kara no Kyoukai Blueray Disc Box New PV!

Oct 23, 2010

Although the Blue-ray disc box still got few month until it release (02 Feb 2011) , but the promotion video has updated and release another version, almost one month one new PV?

They really fast in removing the video on YouTube, well you can go to the official website to view the PV.

I do hope it is the Gospel in the Future chapter, but look like it is not, hope they will make the chapter in the future. Although now still don't know what the Final Chapter all about, hope it is not recap then with a short few minute special ending, I think it won't, I believe in Type Moon and Ufotable. All we can do now is to revise/rewatch the 7 chapters and also the PV to wait for next year until it release.

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sarisa puttinatpongsa 11 August, 2012 11:47  

What tne Fuck !!!!!!!!

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