Anime Saimoe 2010 Final: Nagi vs Azunyan

Oct 16, 2010

Japan Anime Saimoe Tournament finally reach the final, which will be starting now (whole day tournament), of course it is in Japan time (GMT+9). Well, this year I have totally forgotten and miss all of the front matches(which make me very sad and ashamed), luckily I remember it today and still got a match to vote. If you do not know about Japan Anime Saimoe Tournament, you can visit it here for information and voting method.

The final round will be Sanzenin Nagi (Hayate the Combat Butler) VS Nakano Azusa (K-On!!). If I read correctly, Nagi actually done quite well (base on the pass & previous matches), while for the Azunyan, K-On!! just ended not long ago, and the ending I believe will make quite a lot of impact (and she too done quite well throughout the matches). So I think it will be a interesting and a close call match. If you still haven't vote, go and vote it, and vote the one that you love the most, although it is quite troublesome to vote if compare to International Saimoe, but this is the chance to show your love to you favourite character.

While for me, above image already mean who I want to support and vote. So, Azunyan-chan, ganbatte ne, fighto! Well, now the problem is I wonder I able to get the code or not hopefully can get it before noon, and I most likely wont be able to check the live result as well ToT. Good luck to both contestant, will update again at the end of the tournament.

4 comment(s):

Wolfnagi 16 October, 2010 02:44  


Not Fair 16 October, 2010 12:43  

Just vote for the one that you love the most ^^.

Nuntawut 16 October, 2010 16:59  

Nagi ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!

Not Fair 17 October, 2010 00:27  

Ya, but Azunyan WIN!!!

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