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Sep 22, 2010

As you know I'm unemployed awhile ago because of finish my degree so I become unemployed ^^, but recently finally got a job, and overall is a very nice company. For now, everyday training inside by reading book, doing some small exercise, and in future I will not in office much, most of the time need to go to client site to carry out the project. The job is sound quite good for a career, it is actually something like IT Consultant, like customize system according to the client needs and implement the system into the client network/system infrastructure.

One problem arise during this few days of work (ya, it's just few days), I getting more and more no mood just to working in the company, it's like lack of something and my passion is totally not there. I know it is good to work in different thing and expose to different area, it is able to learn a lots especially in consulting firm.

I can continue if my passion not there, but the stress and unhappy will continue build within me :(, just this few days already make me no strength to laugh. But still hard to decide, the job I want usually is not hire by those ultra big company (refer to web development/mobile development kind of job, me still a novice), even got also not for fresh-graduate.

Should I go to do what I like and what I passion about (although the future might not so bright when compare to the consultant film!?)? And Should I resign right away and look for the new job or secure a new job only resign? (I scare later unable secure a new job >.<'). Advice needed.

Sorry to listen to my problem.

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Eternia 22 September, 2010 23:10  

You can always look for a new job while keep working there. It's better to work a job that you enjoyed, even though the pay might be lower. Money is not everything in this world, I personally would do what my heart told me to. And I took a lot of time to enjoy my youth ^_^

Because... life is short, and humans are such fragile and insignificant creatures. Recently, one of my distant relative who's just 14 years old died from car accident. Even though he's an oldest son of big company owner, even though he's got all his wanted things, he lost them all in a single second.

Not Fair 22 September, 2010 23:56  

Thx for the advice ^^. I plan to resign right away because a week more will reach the salary paid out, and for now I did not contribute any thing into the company (just training myself in the company), so if I take the salary only resign is like I cheat their salary lol.

Sorry about your distant relative :(.

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