Nice Swimsuit Windows 7 Theme

Sep 26, 2010

Nice pose, nice swimsuit and erm... the girl look familiar ehh!? Well of course it does, she was actually Ai Nanasaki, and she was from Amagami SS ^^. This swimsuit (fake) Windows 7 Theme is created by Fatefan (

I love this opening theme 'i Love', very nice ^^.

If you also like other character from same the series, you can go to Haruka senpai theme which was a XP theme, but Fatefan said he might make one for Windows 7 ^^. Before using it, please read this tutorial to understand how to use the theme, some step might be different.

To tell you the truth, I can't fully use the theme effect (and I dunno why), you can refer to the original preview and the above preview, the background of the folder and start button actually did not change. Therefore if you follow tutorial and apply the theme and it got effect then it mean is my Windows 7 problem, else I dunno. Well, actually I already leave a comment to the creator but no news yet, if you also find a solution let me know, ok? ^^ If you don't mind using it without start button/folder background, then I will bring over the Bakemonogatari as well (which having the same problem >.<').

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lightningtigerblade 27 September, 2010 16:30  

I got it to install on x64, and it looks the same as yours. No pic in the bg of windows, and the start button is the same

Not Fair 28 September, 2010 08:59  

hopefully fatefan able to reply as soon as possible :D

Eternia 29 September, 2010 15:24  

Er... since fatefan is a Japanese, could it be that it would only work in Japanese localization?
Just a wild guess~
The girl looks hot in that swimsuit, even though I stopped watching that particular anime after two episodes. Because the male protagonist is just a sick pervert who loves to lick girls at weird places. =_=;

Not Fair 01 October, 2010 12:47  

fatefan is not a Japanese, is a Chinese. I also suspect only work in localization >.<'

Not Fair 01 October, 2010 12:49  

I agree on the male protagonist is a sick pervert, this anime I stop after 3 episode, maybe later sometime got mood only start again lol.

The Extroverted Otaku 29 December, 2010 18:30  

I think I found the solution for the background pictures. Something about replacing a few files but i can't read it and software is in chinese. Hope you'll post a solution regard this. ^^

Jan Joseph 16 January, 2011 17:07  

The theme works perfectly for me. Use the method on how you would install the BG in Clannad theme. Don't bother with the shellchange.

Jan Joseph 16 January, 2011 17:08  

BTW, can you please upload the Bakemonogatari win 7 theme? Thanks...

The Extroverted Otaku 03 February, 2011 16:53  


Just follow that windows theme installer method?
Do we avoid/overlook the shell change or must we undo that step?

The Extroverted Otaku 03 February, 2011 17:30  


Cuz when I tried the Clannad BG way, my explorer crashed and I had to undo it in safe mode. Could I ask for a more detailed explanation please?

I'm desperate to see Nanasaki >.<

Not Fair 06 February, 2011 15:24  

This few version of the shellchange actually has problem, unable to take full control of your file hence can't change the file..

Not Fair 26 February, 2011 17:23  

password I think is fall under the useragreement when you install.. 24 June, 2013 09:29  

use Windows Theme Installer v1.1

link guide,i hope u guys understand it:

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