Nagisa & Kyou from CLANNAD series Windows 7 Theme

Sep 13, 2010

This CLANNAD Windows 7 theme consist Nagisa and Kyou, and to use this theme is abit different with previous Kusugawa Sasara 7 theme, so please read carefully below. This theme was create by wudahht. If you want to see Kyou theme look like please proceed to here.

As alway it is require to use the Universal Theme Pacther before using this theme. For your information, this theme will be able to use in 64bit ^^. This theme got folder background which you can see on the 1st image above, but its do not change the start menu button, control panel background and etc like in Kusugawa Sasara 7 theme does.

To Get Started
Install the Theme
Same as previous few theme, it is require go through a installation, and it is good thing to do the installation because it will be less configure require, although still require some. If you haven't use any Universal Theme Patcher or if when you use the theme your Windows 7 only change the wallpaper (and start menu did not has any changes) then go to here for information.
  1. First, extract the file you downloaded, you will see 2 file & 2 folder, execute the 'CLANNAD Windows7Theme-by wudahht.exe'.
  2. A windows pop up and select English language and continue.
  3. Follow the installation instruction, until u reach the 'License Agreement'.
  4. In the 'License Agreement', please highlight the password and copy it (refer to above image), and then continue.
  5. Then just paste the password you just copy on the next step, then continue until you at the 'Select Components' step which will ask you to select some option, like wallpaper size and so on.
  6. You just has to ignore the 'Sogou Skin' option (unless you are using it), and select a wallpaper size, then continue again until you reach Finish step.
  7. In the final step (refer to above image), you will see 3 option. If you haven't use any Universal Theme Patcher, then only enable that option, or via here to read how to use it. Then select finish and you are done.
  8. You can change the theme via the 'Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization'.
When you apply the theme now, you should see the change on your Windows 7 Start Menu, Windows Task Bar and etc, but you won't see any of the folder background yet. So, now this is where the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' is needed (inside the downloaded file 32 or 64 folder). If your Start Menu do not has any changes or only the wallpaper change then please go to this tutorial for more information. If you think that now your Windows 7 skin is more than enough (and do not need the folder background), then you can ignore below step ^^.

Windows Theme Installer & Folder Background
To enable the background image of the folder, you require to overwrite a file call 'ExplorerFrame.dll' file which can be find under System32 folder or this path 'C:\Windows\System32\ExplorerFrame.dll'. In normal cases, you are unable to make a modification even you take the ownership of the file, because the file itself is running. To do so, you are require to download a program call Windows Theme Installer, I use this to overwrite this file, there might have other program to do the same thing too. Before you do anything, it is good to make a restore point or do any important backup, I am not guarantee that your system will not crash, not stable after using some of this program, so please use it at your own risk ^^.
  1. Download this Windows Theme Installer, and then install it into your Windows 7.
  2. Before continue, please remember to backup a copy of the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' file in case it is require if anything happen.
  3. Open the Windows Theme Installer program, then enable the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' option, then Select on the browse to select the appropriate file inside the theme file you downloaded.
  4. If you are 32bits then select the file in the 32 folder, if you are 64bits then go to the 64 folder. To tell you the truth, I only tested under 32bits system, so not sure 64bits is working or not, not working then I dunno.
  5. After select the file, press the 'Install Theme' button, and it will overwrite the file for you, and ask you to restart system. Just restart it.
  6. And now it is done. Actually before restart you should able to see the background folder. If you can't see anything, it is high chance that you did not use any Universal Theme Patcher or other issue. Other issue I don't know.
Restore 'ExplorerFrame.dll'
I'm not sure it is require to alway restore the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' or not, so do it at your own risk ^^, but if not mistaken it is only require to do it once just like the Theme Patcher, correct me if I'm wrong.
  1. Open the Windows Theme Installer program again.
  2. Press the 'Restore Default System Files' button to restore the file.
  3. Then follow the instruction of the program, and so it is done ^^.
  4. If any error occur and you can't restore back the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' file, you can overwrite the 'ExplorerFrame.dll' file using the backup 'ExplorerFrame.dll' file you do in the early step.

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Easy Share
File Factory

25 comment(s):

Chass 14 September, 2010 00:04  

nice, another nice theme for Win 7 and it has to be pink XP

regardless, since it's scarce, guess can't be too picky

BTW, it's possible to crack into fatefan's windows 7 themes and make it compatible with x64 bit. I had to do it since I'm runnin x64

Not Fair 14 September, 2010 14:24  

wow, good to heard that able to use in x64 ^^.

Chass 15 September, 2010 04:16  

yea, I don't have it on me, but I should this weekend, and I can upload it if you want.

Finally, fatefan finally makes another win7 theme, Amagami this time :)

Not Fair 15 September, 2010 20:37  

I thought the morishima senpai come out first. but this also very nice ^^.

Kaede 16 September, 2010 05:37  

You gave up on Windows XP? hah

Not Fair 16 September, 2010 11:31  

Nop haven't gave up since still a lot people making the theme, unless no one create lol. Will bring in XP / 7 theme randomly ^^.

Eternia 20 September, 2010 12:35  

Hi, etery's here.
To be honest, I have stopped visiting your blog ever since I moved to Windows 7. Gomen nasai~
But... today, I somehow remembered this blog, and voila, you have Windows 7 theme now. Thanks for the great post!!
Oh, please ignore some random people's whining. Who would use an outdated operating system such as XP now? :P

Not Fair 22 September, 2010 20:58  

Good to see you again ^^ and glad you like the theme. While for the XP, neh, still a lot people using anyway, guess has to balance ^^.

nikki 05 November, 2010 06:26  

can anyone translate the instructions in getting a password?
i dont know how to read it ...


Jan Joseph 15 December, 2010 23:43  

Guys, I've found this link while searching for the theme:

Mario 19 December, 2010 15:52  

Please, can someone provide a new download link...
b'coz the links is broken... I can't download this...


Jake 22 December, 2010 12:14  

y is the file deleted!?!?!T.T

Jake 22 December, 2010 14:25  

Can anyone please send me this??!! It got deleted and i really want this T>T

Michael Angelo 09 March, 2011 18:28  

Please reupload links.. im begging.. i really want this theme

Not Fair 14 March, 2011 23:59  

i try my best to find back the theme from the site... 20 March, 2011 05:40  

I got the theme and for some reason I can't
to get the password.. that page dosen't load at all, on any of my browsers or computers :S

Not Fair 23 March, 2011 22:03  

i think that link is the password...

Kei Bernard 05 April, 2011 19:09  

the file was deleted.

ChevyMan 08 April, 2011 14:05  

i just want the theme i cant find it anywhere else and the downloader links on this page say they have been deleted i really want this theme very bad can you help me

ChevyMan 08 April, 2011 14:07  

i really want this theme and i cant find it anywhere else and the downloader links say they are deleted i really really want this theme can you help me

Not Fair 09 April, 2011 21:53  

The copy is no longer inside my computer, if I saw it in the forum again I will reupload it.

Kei Bernard 13 April, 2011 19:05  

try here

ZyLiQuE 15 February, 2012 18:42  

what is password? that site can't access please tell me

Jason Adams 14 July, 2012 15:14  

I probably won't get it because there's no Kotomi. But it's still epic, either way.

ninja 21 July, 2013 14:06  

i cannot copy the password.
please reply to my comment(please post the password).

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