Kara no Kyoukai Blueray Box & Epilogue Chapter 30sec CM

Sep 28, 2010

Finally, we can watch the kimono with awesome dagger fighting anime movie again. Although the announcement of Blueray box & final chapter is quite sometime ago, but I think the 30 seconds CM just release not long ago. As alway the style of the CM is very cool, love it!!! But has to wait until 2nd February of next year only able to collect and watch the final chapter, need to wait around 5 month!

Meanwhile, we can only enjoy the CM above, not much information, but with the Final Chapter word is more than enough I think. I very curious about the final chapter of Kara no Kyoukai (空の境界), will it be the Gospel in the Future (未来福音)!?

The Blueray box will include 7 chapter + Final Chapter (8 disc), of course, the final chapter also available with separate purchase. If not wrong, the separate purchase only in DVD?? Many site like CD Japan, Yes Asia, all selling almost at original price, but luckily instead of 52,500 yen (600+- USD), Amazon Japan is selling less than 38,000 yen, is cheaper alot, but still very expensive to me >.<', has to start saving money from now.

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frillydress 28 September, 2010 10:47  

Wish I had could save for this..but I already bought the dvd versions & that cost well..enough lol

Not Fair 28 September, 2010 11:01  

You still can get the final chapter that sell separately ^^.

Previously I nearly want to get the full set of the limited dvd version (the cover is very nice!), but in the end I not manage to get the 1st chapter, so has to give up on all, but now will go for blueray box.

frillydress 28 September, 2010 11:27  

most definitely...I believe they come with english subs as well!

Not Fair 28 September, 2010 17:07  

ya, I also saw somewhere say that it will come with English sub, but it didn't state in most of the online store description, so dunno follow which one xD

Chass 29 September, 2010 23:48  

rather than that, the UBW movie comes first XD Hopefully tomorrow...

Not Fair 01 October, 2010 12:48  

I saw some UBW movie floating around the torrent site, but waiting for better quality :)

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