Haruka Morishima from Amagami SS - XP Theme

Sep 8, 2010

It been a long time to repost some XP Theme, and I saw this from Fatefan so decided to bring it over. This is the Haruka Morishima from Amagami SS, the first route of the anime. The theme was create by Fatefan, and this Windows 7 theme will be coming soon as well, I think he will only create Haruka senpai theme and no other character will be available.

This is how it's look like. If you do not know about how to use the XP theme, then please refer to this post, might or might not help ^^.

Get Haruka senpai XP Theme via below download link.

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20 comment(s):

mario jose 31 October, 2010 12:58  

pliss need help pide pass para instalar....

Gideon~ 10 January, 2011 21:42  

whats the password plz

OriZeanEma 26 January, 2011 07:31  

Thx, What the passwork?

kohzhisheng(negi) 07 March, 2011 00:17  

I need help my i don not have the picture of your start button

merenous madness 24 August, 2011 08:04  

what the password???
need the password please....

Kamui takano 20 September, 2011 11:20  

thanks but, i have a problem "What is the pass"

Rider 06 February, 2012 05:48  

when you are installing it, you should read the license agreement, there is the password.

extrafishy 15 February, 2012 17:41  

can anyone upload it to mediafire or some other place ? its not working for me.

Rider 02 March, 2012 10:30  

ok, i uploaded to mediafire this theme
enjoy it :D

sunao 13 March, 2012 15:06  

can someone pls type password here i cant understand japanese

Rider 17 April, 2012 10:19  

The Password is: bbs.acgdiy.com

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