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Aug 19, 2010

Finally I'm back from a 2 month missing, apologize of missing so long, gomennasai. You can't see me this past 2 month am because rushing for my assignment, final year project & exam, and finally it is done, this also indirectly lead to the receive of serious damage in both physical and mental due to lack of sleep and stress ToT (just kidding). This also mean from now the new chapter of my life begin (unemployed).

Although now is back online, but will not update as frequent as last time because has to find job and so on, but will continue update so that to ensure the theme resource will not down and can share the beautiful theme with you guy, I do hope to create some myself though (depend got time or not). That all, thank you to read and visit here, more theme and stuff coming with slow update ^^.

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Chass 20 August, 2010 02:35  

yo, glad to see you back :)

Handrian 23 August, 2010 20:39  

nice to see you
ja....ganbatte kudasai

Kaede 25 August, 2010 08:23  


Not Fair 10 September, 2010 16:10  

hai, arigatou ^^

Ya, sometime few day can feel like a month or more lol xD

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