Kusugawa Sasara Windows 7 Theme

Jun 7, 2010

Time to make use some of the theme to beautify your Windows 7 and make it wear some cool and cute skin, it is all thank to the anime fans who create and share with us. Also more and more 7 theme has float around the usual place, and moreover has request by someone few week ago, hopefully it is not too late, Chass? ^^ This Sasara theme is create by Fatefan, I myself really appreciate the beautiful theme from him.

This is the first 3rd party anime's theme for Windows 7 posted in Sola1412, and it is also the theme that make me restart more than 10 times to test and make something (start button) work T_T. This theme come with few wallpaper if me not wrong, after install, change it under Personalization > Desktop Background.

Anyway, if you want your Windows 7 to wear this beautiful theme, please READ THIS TUTORIAL carefully before use it, I know my English is kind of noob, so please bear with it, thank you.

Grab the Theme Here
Deposit Files
Easy Share

13 comment(s):

Kaede 20 June, 2010 08:53  

Ahh I wish I had vista! :P

Chass 23 June, 2010 01:26  

lol actually, I didn't notice this got posted till today because I usually just check the WinXP theme section

Thanks a lot for the guide and the theme though ^^
Waiting for Bakemonogatari still...

auditions-auditions 29 June, 2010 05:01  

nice post keep this amazing work thanks....auditions

willi meyhoff 29 July, 2010 17:06  

I cant get the start button + menu to work =(
the image wont appear

Kaguya Katsura 17 August, 2010 10:12  

The theme works for me
nice theme
I like the cute Ma-ryan Sempai hahahha

Kaguya Katsura 18 August, 2010 08:26  

Nice theme
do you have another one?

Not Fair 19 August, 2010 11:19  

other one coming, sorry for missing so long ...

Kaede 25 August, 2010 08:25  

Doesn't work for me.... only the background appears when I install the theme... this works with XP Professional right?

raito 05 September, 2010 11:23  

can you upload more win7 theme from ACG DIY forum?..

Not Fair 08 September, 2010 13:39  

Nop, only work for Windows 7 (not sure in Ultimate only or what, never tried :D)

will do so, but take time, sorry ya.

Kavy 01 February, 2011 10:00  

what is the password?

kentoy 10 March, 2012 16:17  

do we have to download first the kasugawa sasara windows 7 theme than the other themes

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