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Jun 6, 2010

Recently I saw some of the Windows 7's anime theme floating around the usual place. Some more I think many you have migrate to Windows 7 already right? So from now on, I will "steal" some of the Windows 7's anime theme from usual place and share with you guy as well ^^.

The purpose of this post is to teach you to use the 3rd party anime theme of Windows 7 that I share here, and if later there is any new changes on the installation, I will update here as well. Anyway, please read carefully and follow all the step below, or else the theme might not work properly. I know my English is bad and broken, so please bear with it ;).

This tutorial is only tested on Windows 7 x86(32-bit) system, and I use it on Windows 7 Ultimate version with language pack installed, not sure other version will work or not. This tutorial I use Kusugawa Sasara WINDOWS 7 THEME as example, but other theme more or less is the same so be flexible ;).

Lastly, I will not take any responsible if your Windows 7 crash, data lost or whatsoever after you use the theme, the UXTheme Patcher and this tutorial. So use it at your own risk.

Table of Content


Install the Theme File
Most likely there will be 2 file share very similar name, like "abc WINDOWS 7 THEME.exe" and "abc WINDOWS 7 THEME Patch.exe". The theme file I refer is the ".exe" file that without the "Patch".
  1. Extract the compressed file that you have download.
  2. Right-click on the "Theme File".
  3. Select “Run as administrator” and then a window will pop up.
  4. Select “English” in the drop down box and press “Next” to continue.
    It will prompt you the Setup Wizard.
  5. Follow on screen instruction, press “Next” to continue
  6. Select the “I accept agreement”.
    Copy (Ctrl + C) that highlighted url.
    Continue with “Next”
  7. Paste (Ctrl + v) the password into that input box.
    Continue by pressing “Next” button.
  8. In this section, you can leave it default (but if it has a weird character, please change to English or your preference language).
    Continue by pressing “Next” button.
  9. Continue press the "Next" button until you see above picture, continue by pressing the "Install" button.
  10. For now please wait for 20 seconds.
  11. After 20 seconds, then press the "Close" button.
  12. Installation will start now so wait it finish.
    OK now the next step is very important, please read carefully.
  13. Now got 2 situation, follow the one that apply to you.
    • Situation 1
      1. If you haven’t run the “ThemePatcher” or not sure, please check the 1st box.
      2. Leave 2nd box uncheck
      3. After that select “Finish” button.
      4. Continue to the step of “Universal Theme Patcher-x86”.
    • Situation 2
      1. If you already run the “ThemePatcher”, please dot not check the 1st box
      2. Leave 2nd box uncheck
      3. After that select “Finish” button.
      4. Continue to the step of “Install the Theme Patch”.
Install the Theme Patch
After you install the file, you can check under the “Personalization” windows, and there is a new installed theme which will display like below picture

The installed theme show you a black image background like above picture, so what you need to do is to install the “Theme Patch”. If after you install the file and it show you a beautiful background, then you can skip this step unless I have mention. So far, the few Windows 7 theme I found are require to install the patch, I’m not sure what problem, maybe is the path problem, but no worry it is rather easy.
  1. Start the installation by select the filename of the file that end with “Patch”.
  2. From here follow the on screen instruction, very similar to "Theme File" installation.
    Some patch is requires password and some don’t.
    If require password, please copy it in the user agreement.
  3. After installation is done, please remember to uncheck both checkbox before select the “Finish” button(refer to above picture).
  4. Go to Control Panel > Appearance and personalization > Personalization (or right-click desktop > Personalize).
  5. Now the "Installed Themes" should be look this this in Personalization window.
  6. Continue the step of “Put on the Anime Skin for Windows 7”.

Universal Theme Patcher (x86/32-bit)
This is similar to the UXTheme patcher of Windows XP, just that this is more thing and more advanced. Remember you just has to do it ONCE.
  1. It will prompt you below Dialog after you finish the setup wizard in installation step if you follow the "Situation 1".
  2. Just select your desire language and press “Ok” button.
  3. Just read through in case you want to understand more.
    Press “Yes” button to continue.
  4. Here will show you what file need to be patch.
    In my case, I patch all of them.
  5. After you patch all of the file, it will prompt you a window to ask you to restart computer.
    Just select “Yes” button and your computer should automatic restart, if it doesn’t, please restart it manually.
  6. After restart, then continue the step of “Install the Theme Patch”.
    If you already do so, go to Anime Skin for Windows 7.

Put on the Anime Skin for Windows 7

Apply Anime's Theme
After you install the theme and also the theme patch, now you able to see this inside the "Personalization" window.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Appearance and personalization > Personalization (or right-click desktop > Personalize).
  2. Select the Kusugawa Sasara theme under the "Installed Themes" section.
  3. Now your Windows 7 will become like this, beautiful.
  4. Although it working since "start menu" background has change, but actually it still got more.
  5. Some of the theme is able to change the "Start" button and also personalization side column background.
    For example the theme I use in this tutorial, Sasara Windows 7 Theme.
  6. If you want to use the Sasara "Start" button and Personalization background then continue "Start Button and Background" step.

Change Start Button and Background
Not all the 3rd party anime Windows 7 theme come with the beautiful start button, therefore please see the screenshot that I repost, if the screenshot show Windows 7 default button mean you can ignore this step. This guide will not able to continue if you are using SP1 and some of the theme, please go to Patch for Windows 7 SP1 Theme to update the shellchange and some necessary and theme continue to this Merry X'mas Everyone, because some step has no longer the same as previous and control by a single file call 'Guider.exe', but actually this step still can use. Please note some of the theme (especially some of the theme that before the Merry X'mas Everyone post) is unable to use even you using the way I mention in the Patch for Windows 7 SP1 Theme.

This step is very very important, please read carefully, or else somewhere might not work properly. You can still use the theme, but only the area that red arrow pointed above will not have any effect. So let's start.
  1. First go to Start > All Programs > “Kusugawa Sasara WINDOWS 7 THEME”.
  2. Right-click on the file that has the “BETA” name in it, select the “Open file location”.
  3. After that, a window pop up and the folder should have these 4 files.
  4. If the red circle file (above picture) is missing in this step, mean you have to reinstall.
  5. Next right-click the file that name “ShellChange”.
  6. Select “Run as administrator” (above picture), then it will prompt you another window.
  7. Select the “Install” button as shown in above picture.
  8. Then it will prompt you another window which tell you to restart your computer to take effect, but it is in Chinese or weird character. (above picture)
    • If this window shows you something “Access to the path is denied…”, then it is failed. This happen because you did not “Run as administrator”.
    • Re-run the file with administrator right again, but I'm not sure it still working or not because one of the file is missing now.
    • If still no effect, go to "Restore Start Button..." then restart this step again.
  9. Press “Ok” button, the picture that mention in 6th step will updated another “restore” button, nothing much for now just close it.(above picture)
  10. By now your start button is already updated(above picture).
    So what you need to do is restart your computer.
  11. After restart your computer, by now your personalization window will look like this.
  12. Congratulation, it is done!
  13. But what if I want to change it back to default start button, how?
    Continue "Restore the Start Button" step for more info.

Restore Start Button and Background
If you want to restore back the start button and the Personalization background picture back to Windows 7 default, you need to do following step, very similar to the previous step. You can ignore this step if you did not apply the "Change Start Button and Background".
  1. Go to Start > All Programs > “Kusugawa Sasara WINDOWS 7 THEME”.
  2. Right-click on the file that has the “BETA” name in it, select the “Open file location”.
  3. After that, a window will popup and the folder should has these 3 files.
  4. Next right-click the file that name “ShellChange”.
  5. Select “Run as administrator”, then it will prompt you another window.
  6. Then select the “Restore” button.
  7. Another window pop up to tell you restore successfully and ask you to restart your computer to take effect.
  8. At the same time it will create a file at the desktop. For now, just restart your computer first.
  9. After restarting you system, right-click the created file that mention previously. (refer to below picture)
  10. Select "Run as administrator" and it will prompt you a window.
  11. This function is to clean certain file/folder, just press the button and wait for a while.
  12. Then another window pop up to inform you it has remove the files, then press ok.
  13. You can delete this file and all done.

Uninstall the Theme
If you want to uninstall the anime Windows 7 theme, please be sure that you have already done this step (“Restore the Start button...”). Then continue below to learn how to uninstall the theme.
  1. First, change back to other theme first before you want to uninstall.
  2. You can go to Personalization and change it back to any default or your other favorite theme.
  3. Go to Start > All Programs > “Kusugawa Sasara WINDOWS 7 THEME”.
  4. Select the “Uninstalled Kusugawa Sasara WINDOWS 7 THEME”.
    If it has two folder, in “Kusugawa Sasara WINDOWS 7 THEME” case, remove the one that end with name of “Path” first, then only remove the original one.
  5. Then follow on screen instruction.
  6. Done!

51 comment(s):

kero 18 June, 2010 06:53  

im useing 64bit window 7. will there be 64bit window 7 theme?

Furumasa 18 June, 2010 14:59  

On "Restore Start Button and Background" section
you typed: "Go to Start > All Programs > “Kusugawa Sasara WINDOWS 7 THEME”."
but the picture is on "Kusugawa Sasara WINDOWS 7 THEME PATH"

Which is the right one...???

Kaede 20 June, 2010 08:53  

That doesn't sound like nana mizuki... but it is a nice commercial anyways!

ubay 11 July, 2010 13:14  

more with windows 7 themes again, please.... ^^

Kaede 17 July, 2010 09:17  

Are you dead? You haven't been on for soooo long!

willi meyhoff 22 July, 2010 15:01  

I follow the steps exactly like you put it, but even then I can't make the theme to work (from right clicking ShellChange and forward)
I downloaded twice, reinstalled like 4 times, but nothing :(

Not Fair 19 August, 2010 11:20  

The sasara one i remember is the "Kusugawa Sasara WINDOWS 7 THEME PATH" is the right one.

franstormer 01 December, 2010 21:02  

Ive tried according to the steps but i still cant get the Sasara start icon and the pics on the left side of the folders running, any idea where did i went wrong?

Mario 19 December, 2010 15:43  

wow... I haven't visited this site for a long time b'cos I using windows7 now...
It's good to see this site now have a theme for win7...

btw, where is the download link??

handsomejack 27 January, 2011 11:51  

I have done exactly the instruction above, but "Access to the path is denied" pop up everytime I click install. Anybody please help me!

Aurora 02 February, 2011 13:06  

Uhh, when I download it and wait 20 seconds, there's no close button to hit.

cplight1115 16 February, 2011 21:08  

Thanks so much =)
btw...alt f4 can use as close button...

Tanti Yosepha Murniasi Bahie 06 March, 2011 15:45  

nice..i love it....thx's so much,...

Tanti Yosepha Murniasi Bahie 06 March, 2011 15:47  

i love your themes very nice...thx's...

william 18 March, 2011 20:37  

can't get the ...... path file --' tried so many time

Oscar Allberto 03 April, 2011 08:38  

I do not see the close button in the installer when I expect the 20 seconds

ivan 19 June, 2011 08:37  

I can't change the shellchange I run the progam as administrator but a window appear and redirect me to this page over and there any solution to this problem?

Not Fair 19 June, 2011 10:51  

what is your window 7 version? SP1?

otakuq-loldlols 06 July, 2011 09:48  

Please help me, when I try to install ShellChange the message "Access to the path is denied." What do I do? The version of my Windows 7 is Home Premium and NO SP1.

Not Fair 06 July, 2011 10:42  

do you run as administrator?

otakuq-loldlols 08 July, 2011 17:38  

Yes, I did it. I run as administrator ShellChange.exe, appears the button "Install" and "restore", click "Insall," the message "Access to the path is denied."
WHY? Help me.

MinnaNoBaka123 08 July, 2011 18:37  

Every time I Run as Administrator on the shellchange it keeps giving me this window that sends me to this website over and over...This worked before, but now I can't.

Not Fair 09 July, 2011 15:17  

Im not sure then. Which theme you are using?

otakuq-loldlols 12 July, 2011 18:00  

I´m using the theme of Shakugan No Shana and Merry X'mas Everyone

Not Fair 12 July, 2011 18:34  

Erm did you read this post as well? This also able to use by a non SP1 version. <--- this actually to update the 'Guider.exe' that fix something for the script

If still can't then Im not sure anymore.

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TheTriforcekeeper 14 November, 2011 05:58  

first of all i'd like to thank you for all your work on keeping this up. thank you very much :D
is there any way i can contact somebody if i have questions? the themes normally work, but i never have the "acgdiyscript" even if i reinstall, cause it says "3 errors in the script" (this is with steins:gate theme)
so i'd like to ask somebody as i really would love to have the complete skin :)
thanks again!

Emstein 22 December, 2011 13:32  

if there is no 'close' button after waiting for 20 seconds, you can press Alt+F4.. it works for me when i installed the Shakugan no Shana theme.. =)

Yureka07879 07 February, 2012 17:15  

does it also work on WINDOWS7 home basic please response
cause once my computer crashed and turned black screen because of the theme
i really want theme

Sola Chong 10 February, 2012 19:35  

Home Basic I think not working...

Sandric 26 March, 2012 21:20  

Hello Sola,

U did an awesome work creating these themes, I wanted to request a Highschool DxD theme but I didnt know where I shouldve posted the request so I post It here. If this is not the right place to request or its not possible to make requests, I apologize

Sandric 27 March, 2012 06:18  

Is it possible to make theme requests here, Sola?

Seraphim 02 April, 2012 13:49  

After batching it we get black screen, i m using windows 7 home prem ><'

Not Fair 08 April, 2012 16:25  


erm can't help u cause Im not doing any theme >.<'

Not Fair 08 April, 2012 16:31  

not really sure it work in home prem or not cause I only tested under ultimate, but they said professional version also can use, but this I also not sure.

AlphaC 14 April, 2012 04:58  

I installed the theme but when I apply it my taskbar becomes like windows classic theme. There's no windows aero effects and the images don't appear in windows explorer.Can someone please help me get this to work.

AlphaC 14 April, 2012 07:28  

I installed a couple themes sucessfully but when I use them, the taskbar and start menu become like windows classic and no aero effects are present. Also the images in windows explorer don't show up. How can I fix this problem?

Tokido 16 April, 2012 20:58  

Can I request? Do you have Another themes?for win7

Amakusa Ryuu 13 June, 2012 11:33  

Um... R u guyz makin a windows 8 version of themes? BTW, been using ur themes since 2010


Not Fair 17 June, 2012 22:22  

i think sooner or later, sure have some, maybe or maybe not.

Joakim 24 June, 2012 13:52  

And were is the link to download this theme?

Richard Li 16 July, 2012 16:17  

Everything else is working fine except my start menu appears to be elongated and messed up. What do I do to resolve this?

myu neko 31 July, 2012 09:46  

lol can't find dl link T_T

Jia Jiunn Chin 08 August, 2012 07:38  

How to prevent shell32.dll missing or unable to launch after installation of the shellchanger?

Jia Jiunn Chin 08 August, 2012 08:08  

Yeah same thing happen to mine laptop also

Jia Jiunn Chin 09 August, 2012 00:02  

how to properly install batch theme on windows 7 home premium?

Von Misaki 27 August, 2012 13:07  

I am getting the same problem as AlphaC, I do everything the tut tells me and it still fails. my patcher only finds two files that need to be patched. and they get patched, the top file however needs patching but does not excist. I am trying to use the clanned theme on 7 x64 Ultimate SP1

あさ くら ゆめ 02 September, 2012 16:30  

Can you make a x86/64bits of this Theme?

Lucas Corbanezi 01 December, 2012 11:00  

This awesome theme only for 32 bit? T_T', please make a 64 bit version, please!!!

Enma Ryuzawa 20 June, 2013 15:04  

My specifications =
- Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64
- Antivirus = MSE, McAfee VirusScan v8.8, avast! Free
Statements =
- This Works with x64 systems, i assure you
- this theme changes the Start icon, Explorer, and other things visually and it changes some Windows Files
- Works great for some themes
- Didn't work for Windows 7 Starter
Known Issues =
- an issue about some theme, for not being able to "Change" Windows on Windows 7 SP1 machines. please read the "Patch for Windows 7 SP1" it works, you know
- the "Black Screen Issue". the most deadly mistake. for this issue, please turn off any Antivirus you have before installing. OR ELSE IT WON'T WORK! for you that can't access windows anymore, please go to "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" and then in the cmd.exe type "sfc.exe /scannow" (without quotes). wait until it completes, and then shutdown by typing "shutdown /r" (without quotes). Turn off antivirus, repatch with universal theme patcher, apply the theme and run ShellChange via Guider.exe
- "Can't Change Back to Normal Issue" it was happening to me this very moment. it seems that using the way like the Black Screen Issue solution was the only solution. just don't repatch, and switch to other theme.
=if you want to ask something, please add me in facebook = Aulia Nabih Rizqullah =
Note: i'm not an admin here :p

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