Detective Conan XP Theme

May 26, 2010

This time I have find some long run and old series anime XP theme, from Detective Conan, I'm sure many of you know the series or at least heard of it right? This theme also request by someone, so here it is.

As always, the theme is steal via ACG DIY, this time I have including 3 different theme from different author, and 2 icon pack. So good luck and have fun ^^.

That all for the theme, get the theme via below link if you are like it.

Get via: Megaupload | Deposit Files | File Factory | Easy-Share

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hurricanenewsupdates 28 May, 2010 07:48  


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mat 31 May, 2010 14:06  

OMG thank u for uploading my request... after thinking i decided on making a theme myself (detective conan)using certain parts of themes (genaraly the toolbar/frame). if you wouldnt mind could u look at it? here the dl link..

it would be an honor if you could add it with these themes.

mat 01 June, 2010 09:06  

is my comment blocked??? by the way thx for posting my request ^^

Ahmad 05 June, 2010 20:24  

Soo Cool and Nice !

I wish u tell us how to make Xp themes ?

thx.. keep it up

Not Fair 06 June, 2010 18:47  

I'm not the one who make the theme, I just repost. Actually there is a software to do it, please search in google "XP Style Builder".

Thuy Van 06 July, 2010 23:13  

uhm, thanks for your theme, it's very nice and beautiful ^^
but, while 1 change theme, the taskbar hasn't change _ _
it's show the classic menu _ _
you can reply and tell me why, please???
thank you!

i'll add it in my blog:

Shunn 12 August, 2010 01:29  

wow ! nice theme ! 5/5 :)

can i request a theme? I would like a Ragnarok theme, the job is gunslinger, or other jobs

thank you :D

Not Fair 19 August, 2010 11:21  

@Thuy Van
do you use the UXTheme Patch? if no, please use it, or else won't work.

Ragnarok theme I do saw some, but don't have the specify job one.

tech maniac 12 October, 2010 21:32  

how to post clickable image on d blog
it looks cool :)
can u tell me plzzzz :)

Not Fair 15 October, 2010 23:56  

which image you mean?

After School Tea Time 24 March, 2011 15:05  

Can i know which website can download this Xp theme?

Not Fair 27 March, 2011 00:04  

ComicDD forum, see the page below 'Link Share' there.

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